Biafrans: Campaigns for the boycott of Anambra election must commence
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Yes, Biafrans should wake up now and shake off the dust of their astonishment at Nigerian Army atrocities against them. Nigeria is a devil’s land and so no amount of evil is beyond them – from the ordinary citizen to the government and its functionaries.
It is understandable that many of us are in shock regarding what Nigerian terrorist Army unleashed on our people, killing innocent, unarmed Biafrans in cold blood. And upon that, going ahead to declare them terrorists, a people that have not killed anyone or carried arms for any reason. Yes, it is very understandable because many of us never thought that evil Nigeria could go that low in its evil and wickedness.
Who will believe that Nigerian government would abandon a court case it had with Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to begin a killing campaign of the innocent and unarmed, just because it had no evidence, but seeking evidence. And so the killing spree was to provoke the people to anger, and to see if they could come out with any arm to fight back so that they would use that as evidence. But now because they could not fight anything to hold the people they have shamelessly declared them terrorists to the embarrassment of the civilised world.
We have work to do! Campaign for the boycott of the Anambra election must now double. That was the reason for all they have unleashed on us with their “Python Dance”. They want to scare us, destabilize us, and disorganize us.
But they cannot succeed. Indeed, they have not succeeded. We are Biafrans; we cannot be discouraged, disorganized or frightened. The struggle must continue. We must all wake up now and shake off the dust of the shock; Anambra election must not hold; let the campaign for the boycott increase and double!

Remember, we are Biafrans; we always win!
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