Nigerian Army administering dubious vaccination
By Kelechi Okorie
For Biafra Choice Writers

It is worthy to note that Nigerian central government controlled by the Fulani has different strategies it has mapped out against Biafrans. This is the fact, notwithstanding whether they deny it by lying through their teeth as usual, or not.
Forensic inquiries and application of common reasoning has exposed the military’s systematic method of depopulating Biafrans, in what they called retaliation of what Goodluck Jonathan did to their people while fighting Boko Haram in the North-east, when he was president.
It is no longer a secret that Northern Nigerian politicians were the sole sponsors of Boko Haram terrorist group, as Muhammadu Buhari is a chief sponsor. It is not a secret that they wanted to make the country ungovernable for Jonathan, and so they created the group. It was a mission which was publicly made known by the likes of Buhari and several of his other Northern irredentists, and their aim (according to them) was to reclaim their born-to-rule mantra.
They felt bitter seeing their terrorist foot-soldiers decimated by the regime, and this made them to vow to pay-back, even though it was apparent that Jonathan did not have the balls to do any of the things they accused him of. In spite of all that, it is still that so-called pay-back that they are now executing under the disguise of their so-called free military medical scheme – a scheme for transmitting the strange Monkey Pox disease to the people.
Reports show that the pox has already started wreaking havoc in Bayelsa and Akwa Ibom states of Biafraland. Buhari’s government want the population of Biafrans reduced considerably so that they can move in and occupy with their Fulani herdsmen.
For those that had forgotten this free medical virus being administered into Biafrans is similar to the Odi genocidal massacre in Bayelsa State, which was perpetrated by former evil president, Olusegun Obasanjo. It is on record that no such illness as Monkey Pox had ever been reported in Biafraland. Such strange sicknesses are found in Northern Nigeria, and since no epidemic has been reported in Biafraland, the military should go to their land to do so.
To show the evil intent of the Buhari Fulani military, this vaccination was being carried out without notice, and without the permission of the parents. That is enough reason to show the people that there is something sinister about it. Biafrans must be wise and never allow their children to be vaccinated by Nigerian Army.

Even blind can see and acknowledge that Buhari does not mean well for Biafrans, but with evil intent. His plans were to inflict pains, disease, and afflictions in all corners of Biafraland. No smoke without fire, FG denials spreading monkey pox virus through its lying machine Lai Mohammed, the Information Minister and Culture indicates the hidden truth is gradually coming out for Biafrans to caution themselves on what is to come.
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