When we say that Nigeria is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, so many gullible will jump out to castigate us. When we tell them that Nigeria is the headquarter of the Satan many will unreasonably doubt it, when we say that Nigeria is a zoo so many people will say it is a hate speech. I watch them and laugh in silent because they are blind to read the handwriting on the wall, it was what the Britain headed by Fredrick Lugard planted that germinated and now the fruits have abundantly grown such that everyone can have as many as they desire to have of it. It is the foolishness of many especially these politicians in Biafra land that makes them feel IPOB members are miscreants, their aim is nothing but to protect their pockets and stomach not minding the state of the people who elected them to represent their interest, but all the right thinkers in the entire Biafra land and Africa in whole will remain grateful to Chukwu-Okike-Abiama for creating Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to liberate his own people.

You may not like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB because their ideology and strategy used in bringing the evil contraption known as Nigeria down does not conform to the system you prefer, but the truth remains that one day you will come to imbibe Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's ideology and that of IPOB, because they are Yahweh's sent. No one stops you from making choice and saying what you want to say because you have the right to do so, but one thing you should know is that the only different between you and wield animals is your thinking faculty, your ability to think in a unique manner, and if you are too stupid to think that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the supreme leader of IPOB worldwide and his noble group IPOB made a mistake in the manner they choose to run the struggle to restore Biafra then your ‘thinking faculty’ is in big problem. It is as the same as that of wield animal, it is only those who are sick in the mind that will stand up to categorically condemn the good effort of a freedom fighter.

Anyway, nobody will blame you because it is in human nature to falsefully criticise a man whom Chukwu-Okike-Abiama chooses to use and save mankind, when He (Yahweh) sent Moses the people of Israel complained bitterly in the wilderness, but in the end the will of Chukwu-Okike-Abiama prevailed. When He (Yahweh) sent His only son to come and die in order to save man and reconcile them to Him (Yahweh), people called him names and rejected him, even his family members did. I would not like to take much time to go on and on in mentioning names but coming back home to Africa, you could remember while Nelson Mandela was fighting for the freedom of South African people, how he was called names and was tagged a terrorist alongside his group just as they tagged IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu today, but in the end of many years of afflictions and persecutions by their oppressors, victory was theirs because they failed to give up despite all odd.

The Nigeria government and their foreign allies as well as the politicians in Biafra land has worked tirelessly since the struggle for the restoration of Biafra under the command and control of
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB began just to thwart it, because they really knew what it will be like if Biafra is restored, but all their efforts has always been proved abortive. From making effort to stop Radio Biafra transmission, they moved to making effort to remove us on Facebook and social media, and when they noticed that they have failed in the media war. They decided to use their untrained brainless unreasonable army and security operatives to stop us, they decimated us in the rate of uncountable yet we kept multiplying in numbers on daily bases because Nnamdi Kanu said and I quote "The more you kill us the more we come, because Biafra is a spirit" as if killing us in the street is not enough, they launched different kinds of strategy to kill us (Biafrans) more even in our bedrooms, such as operation python dance 1&11, operation crocodile smile 1&11, all these and many more was their evil plots to delete Biafrans from the face of the earth but to no avail, as Biafrans and IPOB has vowed to remain law abiding and resolute in fighting for Biafra restoration.

Not long after invading the home of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB with their operation python dance 11 soldiers on 10th and 14th of September 2017 respectively,  they tagged IPOB a terrorist group even without carrying arms or involved in killing a human life before, and went ahead to proscribe it within the geographical setting of Biafra, the world proved that they are watching the evil going on in this side of the world by saying that IPOB is not a terrorist group as Nigeria government said, as if that is not enough, now they are at it again, killing our people with injection in the name of army free medical care.
This is evil on the face of the earth, Nigeria politicians are more wicked than their master Satan, any rightful thinker will question: When has the Nigeria army turned into medical personnel as to go from school to school offering free medical services to Biafra school children? who are our future and our hope. When has the Nigeria army became so charitable and so much concerned with the wellbeing of the Biafrans whom they killed their parents in cold as to offer them free medications? Why must someone be forced to take the injection even in a sound health? Why is it that the major target are children, could it be to wipe away the generations of Biafra from the face of the earth as they are using gun to kill their fathers?

I thought that before the national annual polio vaccination exercises kicks off that the announcement always dominates the airwaves both on radio, television even on the social media platforms, but this time the case is totally different, people are hired, trained and appropriately remunerated both before and after the exercised. Why this sudden unannounced vaccination. I think Buhari and his government have not said what they have in mind, but the world is watching, very soon nemesis will catch up with them and there is no how they will escape it.

Buhari appointed all his people from the north to occupy all the relevant offices in Nigeria and did not remember the South East and South-South, but when it comes to injecting deadly chemical poison into school children he remembers South East and South-South first. What kind of evil is that?
Fellow Biafrans! it is said that whoever that eats with the devil should endeavour to use a long spoon, by now we supposed to have learnt our lessons and beware of President Muhammadu Buhari, South East and South-South politicians, Ohaneze Ndigbo, some so called clergies in Biafra land and persons or group of persons who have shown to us that he/she is against us. It is high time we draw boundary between us, the time to say no to one Nigeria is now, this is the time we boycott everything about Nigeria not just their conducted elections in Biafra land, because they have proved to us in many ways that they are evil and ready to do anything possibly to eliminate all Biafrans from the face of the earth in just a day.

This is the right time to take the bull by the horn, let us stand up to do all we can do stop this people before they stop us, the only way to stop them is to restore Biafra and the best easiest way to restore Biafra in the nearest days is to boycott all the elections conducted by the Nigeria government in Biafra land, starting from the Anambra state election slated on Saturday, November 18 2017.

No Referendum No Election!
No Biafra No Peace For Nigeria!
Long Live IPOB!

May Yahweh bless Biafrans!

Written by: 

Obulose Chidiebere & Ogeh Friday 
For: City Media.

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