By Okoronkwo, Chukwu Iheke, Chukwujike Onyeakazi [Editor], 16/10/2017

Recently, there was a great scare and pandemonium in parts of Biafraland (old Eastern region of Nigeria) when the Nigerian military on murderous 'Operation Python Dance 2' stormed some schools in Anambra State, Imo State, and some other states and tried to forcibly inject students and pupils with unverified substances in the name of free medical outreach.

To any sensible observer, this incidence has once again demonstrated the level of distrust the people have for the federal government, especially the federal army.

This kind of incident, in any normal place, would jolt and embarrass the leaders as well as question the mandate upon which they wield their powers.

But of course, when obtuse minds chose the cheapest and the least intellectually challenging option of mockery, then you thereby validate the animalistic mentality that's Nigeria's biggest problem.

What marvels me is the way some people talk, they talk as if they don't know that Nigerian Army can do and force crazy things on innocent people. 

If they could shoot armless and defenseless people including bypassing innocent people in Aba, and Umuahia, in Abia State, the Nigerian Armed Forces also killed innocent people in Rivers State, so why won't they enter school and insist that children must take immunization as a part of their show of force in "Egwu eke II" (Operation Python Dance II) the Nigerian military is not civilised, they are all products of a senseless quota system of Nigeria. 

I rather believe the devil than to believe anything from Nigerian Armed Forces full of lies, evil and deceits.

Let me explain the coded meaning of Operation Python Dance because some people think that it is just a military code operation. 

"A Python is a vicious creature that strikes and swallows its prey and remains quiet and calm like nothing happened until his (prey) food digests, then it strikes another
So the army tactics are "strike", "cover up" with their media arm then wait for it to die down before striking again. 

They now think and feel like we have forgotten the killings and stealing of the corpses they killed, so they have decided to start another form of killing still under Operation Python Dance II. 

But I have said it before and I am saying it again "The East never forgets neither do we forgive", "Asaba Massacre" is still very fresh in our minds like it just happened yesterday. 

The Nigerian military is barbaric, wicked and heartless, how could they force little kids to be injected all in the name of immunization and vaccinations? This is just heartless, a plain evil and a devilish plan to exterminate a whole tribe. 

This same barbaric and devilish military personnel who killed us with guns and bullets are still the same people that want to inject us with an unknown substance.

What happens to the Boko Haram victims in different Internally Displaced persons (IDP) camps in the whole of the north?

What of the Almajiri kids?

What of the hungry beggars that fill the streets, and roads with their leprosy? 

What of the Almajiri girls who are all suffering from VVF? Don't they need vaccines and immunization? 

Please go to the Northern Region and vaccinate, and immunise the little Almajiris in the streets and let the Biafran people take care of themselves, no one asked for your vaccines, the Biafran people are rich, thus we can always buy any drug to treat ourselves, and to Immunise ourselves against any kind of diseases or infections.

The Army should take their free Medicare to where it is needed, the sick people in the Northern Region need the free medicine more than us in the Eastern Region.

This is how low the Nigeria Army has sunk. No one is willing to participate in the free medical campaign. You can't kill us and save us at the same time. We do not have any iota of trust for those people in military uniforms. Their colleagues with guns are the killers of our brothers, and their colleagues with medical syringes won't be any different, they are trying so hard to kill our little kids. 

I will advise everyone to please stay away from those people. They are killers of our people. We don't trust them.

The Nigerian military reeks of intimidation, they only love to oppress Nigerians (whom they swore to protect).

Is this government even mad?

why would you bring the Nigerian Armed Forces back to a place where you just killed their people a few weeks ago?

What happened to civilian doctors? 

What about the civilians that work with the World Health Organisation (WHO).?
To crown it all, Nigerian Medical Association in Imo State denied of such exercise among others.
why must it even be the camouflage men.? Their plans have failed. 

Lastly, Nigerians are still in a military regime because they have a dictator in the person of General Mohammadu Buhari as a president, I have said this before and I wish to say it again, the Nigerian military is trained to oppress fellow Nigerians.



Publisher:  Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
For: Umuchiukwu Writers
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