It is a worriment that the Independent day celebration that ought to be a national celebration for the country in concern has become a mourning day for the contraption known as Nigeria.
Independent day annual  celebration is observed a day out of the 365 days in a year,  it is supposed to be a day people of the country both home and abroad ought to make merriment for their freedom from their colonial masters and formal host nation, it is a day we ought to narrate  our stories of the past experience to our children, how we were treated roughly by the white colonial lords, it is a day we ought to celebrate our forefathers who sacrificed heavily that we may live, but to my greatest astonishment this same day has become an annual tale of woes, mourning of the dead, a day politicians and cabals of this satanic republic gather to celebrate injustice they forced on the people in the name of governance, it  has shifted from the purpose it was to serve to a celebration of our political vampires who in one way or the other has looted the nation.

On 1st of October 2017 past, I made an effort to get wide opinion of the people especially those living in the Eastern part of the already failed contraption called Nigeria, on the state of the nation but the various responses I got nearly makes me doubt that Nigeria ever existed as a nation with the total agreement of the people in the first place. Many people I interacted with was on the opinion that Nigeria was never a nation, arguing that a nation is simply known as the group of people who have the same culture, interest and ideology in focus, that occupy a specific geographical location, but the case of Nigeria they argued is not that way because everything about Nigeria and the three main ethnic religions occupying the land differs from day one. Many other people were equally on the side that Nigeria has expired, died and buried for a very long time before October 1st 2017, reintegrate their citizenship of Biafra republic.

When I went to check the front pages of the newspapers in the vendor's angle, I met a man whose mission was the same with mine, but he was wearing black on black attire, his dressing caught my attention so I approached him with a smile, but he furiously attacked me with words saying "It is only a fool that will abandon the great conflagration consuming the edify of his domicile in pursuit of rats" I was not satisfied with that so I demanded for enlightenment, then he said "Putting on black on black signifies mourning, and I am mourning the dead of all Biafrans decimated by the Nigeria government since 1967-1970, especially the IPOB members murdered by the same evil Nigeria military in the home of IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu at Umuahia on September 10th, 2017, 'I am not in the mood for any kind of celebration not to talk of independent celebration because I am not a Nigeria but a Biafran"  He added.

Some said that a man of 57 years who is still struggling for survival shouldn’t have been born, that a man of 57 years old who cannot feed himself not to talk of his family is not worth of existing, at 57 yet everything about Nigeria is failure at 57 the satanic republic of Nigeria cannot boost of anything meaningful in Agricultural production, Science and technology, Human development, Social development, Educational improvement, Economical improvement, except bribery, corruption, killings of innocent citizens, kidnapping, terrorism and other forms of social ill.
Of all the persons I interacted with that same day, not even one of them see the so called independent anniversary of Nigeria as worth celebrating. This is the first time in the history of Nigeria that no one was sighted putting on green white green, waving the country flag in the street on the 1st of October independent celebration, indeed, jubilation was far from the people because the great leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has really thought his people and Africans a great lesson on the contraption called Nigeria on the radio Biafra. According to Rev. Fr. Felix Uche Akam he said and I quote “If you are looking for a definition of a poisoned chalice, just look at what Britain gave Nigeria as an independence"

It is as if October 1st was the same day the devil visited Job as recorded in scripture in the book of Job chapter 3, because what Nigeria has so far experienced is almost worse than what Job passed through and it will be better for the contraption known as Nigeria to let Biafrans go by conducting a referendum to certain if Biafrans are still willing to stay with Nigeria or not. Without that there will be no peace or progress for Nigeria anymore, especially as Biafrans has decided not to participate in any Nigeria election again starting from Anambra State gubernatorial election coming up on November 18th 2017. It is a total boycott of the election because that is the only peaceful means Biafra will be restored.

Biafrans all over the world especially in Biafra land are saying in one voice, No referendum No more Nigeria election in Biafra land.

Written by: 

Obulose Chidiebere & Ogeh Friday
For: City Media

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