Chidoka, seeking Northern recognition and endorsement
Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

As politicians from Igbo-Biafran enclave appear to battle themselves for Anambra election, Biafrans are no longer fooled. The people are now fully aware that they are only trying to fool and cajole them (the people) as they have always done, in order to make them participate.
But this time they will fail woefully.
They will fail because the Biafran people are now determined not to be part of any Nigerian sham election again. They have done some introspection and come to the realization that nothing has changed since they started participating in the so-called Nigerian elections. They have come to the conclusion that instead of their conditions getting better, it had rather worsened from year to year.
Choice Writers investigation among informed Biafrans shows that the people have also realize that Nigerian elections in Biafraland has never been a means of choosing leaders democratically, but a way of imposing their haters on them. They expressed the opinion that what the so-called elections have always been means whereby Fulani invaders used to recruit stooges “efulefu’s” that would be answerable to them.
They give examples with all the candidates that have been trooping to Northern leaders to be endorsed by them. One of the examples is Osita Chidoka, who has been carrying on as a Biafran advocate, who actually had reached out to the caliphate to endorse him. Willie Obiano has already secured the endorsement of the North by hosting Nigerian terrorist soldiers who devastated Biafraland and killed more than 81 B
Tony Nwoye, the APC terrorist stooge and thug; and Buhari, the chief terrorist
iafra youths in an attempt to destabilize Biafrans and their leadership. Tony Nwoye is the candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) the only terrorist political party in the contraption called Nigeria has been going around with the Northern dominated security apparatus and killing people.
Why were they all going to the North to obtain endorsement? They all know that the system has already been rigged in favour of the North. The system has been rigged based on the fake constitution (a decree; a forged document written by the military) that tilted the structure of governance in favour of the dubious North.
The North which used to be one region was made to have 19 states, while the East, the Mid-West, and the West (all of the South) were made to have 17 states. The same way, members of the Senate and House of Representatives (Reps) from the North were made to outstrip that of the East, Mid-West, and West put together.
Now, with the states, Senators and Reps members under their armpit; as well as other arms of governance including the Judiciary; the Police; the military; and even the electoral commission; they have been manipulating the process. So, Biafrans are now fully aware that participating in Nigerian sham elections and hoping to get people who will represent their interest, would be impossible. The people now want to do away with anything Nigeria represents, and to start organizing themselves politically in their own way.

“I will stay at home and savour the beauty and presence of your family” said Friday Uzochukwu, a Biafran trader who hails from Nnokwa.
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