By      Chimena Mary 
           Lucky Chibundu [Editor]

 Nigeria @57 i really a thing of shame and abashment to her citizens indeed by which up till date they are yet to show the whole world that they are really the giant of Africa as they claimed at least to let the entire world understand that their unity is unnegotiable as their illiterate tyrant president Muhammed Buhari has said but rather everything,i mean everything about Nigeria is really upside down, their leadership statues, health sector,  education sector , infrastructures are all upside down and epileptic. Or  should i talk about their security,which is nothing to right home about; poverty everywhere that proved  that this country called Nigeria is really a  poverty striking and  stinking country where the rich loot the money they got from our resources  to enrich themselves and their generation why the poor languished and dies slowly in abject poverty and agony.

Since i was born still date,i have never seen any good thing about this country. The only thing Nigeria is good at is subjugation and unleashing terror on Biafrans and  subjecting  abject stinking poverty on innocent Biafrans for no reason! I can't stop but cry bitterly what they are  celebrating for. Are they celebrating 57years of good roads,good infrastructures,steady standby electricity or social amenities which the world is enjoying today,which one are Nigerians celebrating?  Indeed because am really furious about those fools in this very dungeon called Nigeria saying that they are celebrating 57years of Independent what on earth is wrong with those bastards that says they are celebrating 57years of backwardness,years of failures and years of denials to good things of life.

 We Biafrans at home and in diaspora says no to this celebration;because is a mourning day for us all by which we are remembering our loved ones killed from 10/09/2017 to 15/09/2017 at Umuahia,Aba and Igweocha by a pervert known as Muhammed Buhari. Biafrans, refuses to be a slave again to the Nigeria government we are tired of one Nigeria we refuse to accept Nigeria as our country anymore because Nigeria is a failed country full of lies and deceit,a country were killings of innocents people by the federal government has been the order of the day!Egocentric,deteriorating president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari has made it clear to us the Biafrans that he will crush us without mercy still we are wiped out of the surface of the earth by committing another genocide against us as if the one he and his cohorts  committed against us as at 1967-1970 wasn't enough for him and this time he came with another dimension by not only killing but as well wrenching our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu away from us.

Is so unfortunate that our Biafran politicians at the top never cared or concerned by this ill health matted on us by Buhari and his agents;what a shame to them for not fighting for their people rather they chose to celebrate with our killers telling them to ride on with their genocide against us that they are behind them! But one thing they forgot to understand that they will all give account of this in one way or the other when the right time comes,so for this reasons am calling on the world at large to come to our rescue,the UN,the International communities,the Human rights societies and the International Criminal Court of Justice to come now and do the needful because we the Biafrans are all fade up with country Nigeria we are not one so our unity is negotiable.

 I Chimena Mary is sick an tired of pledging this country as my nation i refuse to accept Nigeria as my country because Nigeria as a country represent failures,backwardness,evil,lies and moreover everything about Nigeria comes from the depth of hell which i will never accept as a country,i am a Biafran and my supreme leader or president as i may chose to call him is Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and not that tyrant and murderous Mohammadu Buhari of Nigeria  that is a demon from the pit of hell; To conclude this message i hereby state that Biafrans lets bring out the Nnamdi Kanu in us and to tell the whole world that they should tell Mohammadu Buhari and his army if conquest brothers to bring our Mazi Nnamdi Kanu out for us alive because failure to do that we will retaliate at  them so that they will feel same pains we feel and i promise federal government of Nigeria that Somalia will be a better place to live than Nigeria. 

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
for Umuchiukwu writers.
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