The Nigeria problems will never be resolved until the Biafrans are treated fairly as first-class citizens of this country and are allowed to form their own separate and independent republic. This is because the Nigeria problems, as they have been, and still remain, is the Biafra problem. I say so because Nigeria sees Biafrans as being too sophisticated to handle. "Give them a little space and they will excel and dominate you."

Nigeria knows that Biafrans are so sophisticated intellectually and otherwise with an intimidating ambition that fears no god or man. They are equally aware that Biafrans can do anything to succeed and escape poverty. An average Igbo-speaking Biafran can go extra mile to create enabling opportunities, make money as well as flaunt it in the proudest manner.

The Biafran spirit and determination to succeed scares the living hell out of the other ethnic groups in Nigeria, especially, their Northern counterparts. This is why they have been doing everything humanly possible to ensure the Biafrans does not dominate Nigeria by merit hence, the systematic attempts and negative policies to keep them in check by denying them equal access to compete favourably with other Nigerians.

This fear and hatred for Biafrans of the Eastern region, is the reason for their marginalization which is responsible for the agitation for a separate Biafra republic. No other tribe in Nigeria has contributed half of what the Biafrans have put in this one Nigeria project, yet they are being treated with uttermost disdain. Biafrans would have opted for a Nigeria where there is equity, fair play, justice and competitive meritocracy for everyone irrespective of ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation but it is obvious that these aforementioned quintessential ingredients of a just civil society is elusive in Nigeria which thus makes the struggle for a Biafra republic imperative and our only viable option if we must survive and attain our God's given potentials as a people.

The innovative and intellectual prowess of the Easterners could have been a blessing to Nigeria if they were given the opportunity to thrive just the way America has allowed the wonderful talented Jews to develop their socioeconomic and political sectors. The fear of the Biafrans in Nigeria is the reason meritocracy is sacrificed on the altar of mediocrity through the outlandish federal character principle that has kept Nigeria perpetually underdeveloped and impoverished till date.
The crux of the matter is that in the innermost thoughts and feelings of antagonists and traducers of the restoration of the sovereignty of Biafra is, "Give them Biafra and watch as a new world super power emerge from Africa in less than 20 years." But the fact still remains that the key to Africa's civilization and industrialization lies with BIAFRA! Take it or leave it!

Written by:

Henry Chukwuemeka Onuabueke
Enugu Media Team

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