Terrorist tag on #IPOB and subsequent proscription by #Nigeria government is just a way to shield the world and people of good conscience from asking questions on the #genocide going on in Biafra land as we speak by the Nigerian army in an operation codenamed python dance 11. The Hausa Fulani Islamic Jihadists in Nigeria army uniform lead by “Arcgenocidist” and #terrorist in chief Muhammadu Buhari is caring out #pogrom and #ethnic #cleansing of the Biafran people and trying to justify the ongoing atrocious activities in Biafra land by tagging Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as #terrorist. 

Nigeria army is controlled by the Hausa Fulani. They are in charge of all the commands and divisions of the Nigeria army. Muhammadu Buhari have successfully released thousands of Boko Haram members in prison and recruited them into Nigeria army. Today he is using them to fight a religious war against #Christian, #Jewish and #Biafrans. 

Muhammadu Buhari has been going around the world since he forcefully ascended the seat of Nigeria presidency through intimidation courtesy of #British David Cameron and #USA Obama in May 2015. He solicited for support and military hardware by making them to believe that he is actually fighting Boko Haram #terrorist but instead he keeps arming them, releasing the arrested ones in prison, giving them amnesty and begging them for negotiation. 

Buhari used civil servants’ salaries and money generated from the resources coming from Biafra land to purchase all the arms and military hardware. Also, he received some as gift from America and other countries of the world in order to aid him in fighting Boko Haram #terrorist. But instead of fighting Boko Haram #terrorist, he has diverted all these arms and military hardware to Biafra land in order to kill and terrorise armless, defenceless and civilian Biafran people. Biafra land is under siege and occupation as we speak, our people are disappearing every day in their homes without traces. They kill and take away the bodies of Biafrans and the world pretend as if the life of Biafrans does not matter. 

To Muhammadu Buhari and his Hausa Fulani Islamic terrorist in army uniform, Biafrans are not worthy to exist, and their lives are worthless than that of a cow. Let us not forget Muhammadu Buhari’s antics, body language and statements in the past. In the year 2001 at an Islamic seminar in Kaduna, Buhari was given an opportunity to choose between Nigeria’s #secularism and fundamentalist Islam. This is what he said, “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria”. He then added that “God willing we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the sharia in the country”. Again, in August 2012, Abubakar Shekau the leader of Boko Haram #terrorist group said “by Allah, we will not stop fighting until every Nigerian is living by sharia law. If you don't abide, we will kill you”. Why did I bring in Shekau's statement into this? It is because Boko Haram has every link with Buhari as their sponsor, and Buhari said “an attack on Boko Haram is a grave injustice against the north” during the regime of Jonathan. During that time, Boko Haram named Buhari as their chief negotiator. Buhari after assuming office as the president of Nigeria called Boko Haram “my misguided brothers” and when he was asked, are you going to hit Boko Haram hard? His answer was hit then hard with what? Buhari is not fighting Boko Haram because there are his boys as well as brothers. Buhari have turned Nigeria army into an #Islamic army of conquest. 

Muhammadu Buhari equally armed another terrorist militia group considered to be the 4th most deadly group in the world called Fulani herdsmen. This group has killed hundreds of thousands of Nigerians, rendered thousands homeless and none of them have been arrested. Buhari has never make any speech to condemn them instead he gives them army protection. The Nigeria army has not launched any operation against them or tag them #terrorist. The northern governors have not proscribed them as #terrorist. The Attorney General (AG) of Nigeria, IG of Police or head of DSS have filed no any motion to court seeking to pronounce Fulani herdsmen terrorist group and proscribed them. 

The world must understand that what is happening in Biafra land today is nothing but pogrom, genocide, religious war, ethnic cleansing, Islamization, war of conquest and annihilation, war of total extermination of the defenceless Biafran people. Indigenous population cannot be tagged terrorist because they want freedom. Self-determination is a universal law as enshrined in United Nations charter which Nigeria is signatory to. A call for referendum is not a call for war. Nigeria is an unholy union that was not created to work. There is no way Nigeria can be one whether shape or form. 

IPOB is not a group but a people, an Indigenous people of over 70 million population for that matter. Nobody should deny us our right to self-determination because it is our inalienable right, it is our natural, fundamental and God giving right which can never ever be taking away by anybody not even by military force. 

It is obvious that Nigeria has lost the case and argument on Biafra instead of them to allow peaceful negotiations and separation they choose to kill, to maim and to destroy. What they forget to understand is that Biafra is an ideology that can never be defeated.  I am urging the International community #UN, #EU, #AU, #USA, #Russia, #France, #Germany, #China, #Turkey and so on to stand up now and do the needful and not to continue sitting down to watch and allow Muhammadu Buhari who from all intent and purpose is an #Islamic #fundamentalist. His plan is to use his Hausa Fulani Boko Haram who dominated Nigeria army to wipe out the entire population of the Biafran people. 

Written by:
Obinwanne Biafra
Abia Writers

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