The Biafran flag is flying beautifully up the skies with the rising sun at the centre and the Indigenous People of Biafra standing resolute to uphold the glory of the land of the rising sun.  No stone is left unturned; all hands-on deck, holy compatriots, sons and daughters of the Holy One there is no second chance to make your life count, this is your time and your only chance to create your world, such that has never been known to humanity, a history of new beginning and the creation of a new world in the land of Biafra. The world thought it had gone too far when great nations like Israel, United States of America, Russia, Turkey, etc are showing off their sophisticated scientific discoveries and they use it to help and protect humanity, we clap our hands to celebrate greatness while we work hard for our turn.

All we needed was a true leader because we were born great individuals without a national identity.  Having been forced into a geographical contraption called Nigeria, where humanity is abused in the highest order, we needed a stronger force to break the bonds and unite us again into a nation we can be proud of and call our own. We had nearly accepted defeat and felt that Biafra was dead and gone when we were betrayed by money mongers. The Biafran identity was made to sleep but slip the grip of ugly contraption called Nigeria as the arrival of the Biafran chosen one changed everything.  Nigeria, the ugly python felt it had swallowed the Biafran identity.  All the prison yards were filled and more were being built while freedom was docked.

When Mazi Nnamdi Kanu mounted the seat of authority and with great power and wisdom we heard him speak with such eloquence of Biafra the kingdom of Chiokike Abiama.  We listened with great delight and tears of joy flowed down our cheek as he brought hope to our thirsty hungry and dying soul. Like the light shining in darkness, we all turned to him.  As though our entire life belonged to him and we swear to get Biafra restored so we can have an identity. We say a very big thanks to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for coming on time. We have watched kingdoms rise and fall, nations and great inventions took centre stage in their times and we waited patiently for the time, a time like this when it is our turn, the turn of the Indigenous People of Biafra, a great and populous nation so blessed and enriched in glorious splendour with the flag of the rising sun giving signals to the world that we are here.  We are here to turn the world around for good.

It is time for the sun moon and stars to stand still for the glorious kingdom of Biafra are here. Those who are not at the centre miss to catch the sight of the rising sun. Biafra has risen never to fall again.  We are at the centre of the world and the world today is all about us. Whether anybody likes it or not, with the emergence of the true Biafran Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the world can never remain the same again.

We are Biafrans and we make bold to reveal our identity. We are proud of whom we are and we feel good being Biafrans. We are here to sing our own song, a sweet melody and the echoes of hope to all living creature. We tell our own stories and the world must listen because we have listened to your stories all the way. Feel Biafra and let Biafra feel you, embrace Biafra and let Biafra embrace you and together we will make our world great again. We come with a simple message to the world, the gospel of freedom and the gospel of peace. We are peaceful, we love peace and we make peace, we also defend our peace. With sound education and balanced diet, we train to keep our peace and will fight to defend our peace because it is sweet to live peaceful.

Never again will intruders invade our land and never again will dictators determine our future, we have taken our future into our own hands. The time to sit on the fence is over, it is time for action, join the moving train, tighten your seat belt it is a journey to a world of no limits. The recent display of armoured tanks cannot change our identity. We are Biafrans and we make bold to shout it loud to anyone that has ears to hear. We are proud of our identity and we stand to make it clear to Nigerian army that this is Biafra land.

Let the world know that we Biafrans are able to protect ourselves; Nigerian army should stay clear from us. Stop bringing war to us we are peaceful. Stop harassing us we are innocent and stop polluting our land with the blood of innocent souls. When your cup is full, you will drink your own blood and eat your own flesh. Soon and very soon, these Hausa Fulani you see all over here today, killing and parading armoured tanks will start killing themselves by their own hands.  We will not have any need to fire a gun or shoot an arrow but they by their own hands will use their own weapons to kill themselves and we will have our peace.

God bless Biafra.

Written By: 

Bright Oriaku
Biafra State Media

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