As it had happened 50 years ago
The pogrom performed on Biafrans
Is being repeated again!
But this time, scarier and even more inhumane
This evil act, being performed by the marauding armies 
Of the North Unleashed upon us,
Just to quench our agitation and Islamize us.

It all started on Sunday, 10th of this month of Sept. 2017
Up till now, this genocide is still ongoing in our land 
See as Dead bodies littered everywhere on our streets
See as Mothers soak their rappers with tears of sorrow 
As they weep for their lost children, the leaders of tomorrow
See as our Sisters, daughters either assaulted or raped
See as our young men, fathers either whisked away or killed

War is looming!
As Biafrans are being massacred in their own land
This evil act perpetrated by the Baboons in uniforms 
We must all stand to repel

War is looming!
Again, they have brought the fight to us
And Again they are Slaughtering us 
Like fowls in this zoo formed by Britain.

War is looming!
The world should be placed on notice
For we as a people have done nothing wrong to anyone
We, as a people are merely exercising our right to freedom

War is looming!
Another bloody week in Biafra Land
So, so scary and nasty 
This annihilation being carried out on our people 

War is looming! 
What have we done to really deserve this mayhem?
Biafra land under siege
A heinous crime against humanity is being performed!

Serious chaos in the land,
Pandemonium everywhere!
War really is looming!

Our leader’s (Nnamdi Kanu) home attacked
the zoo armies have done their worst!
Many were killed when they struck 
And our brothers taken into captive to their evil camps

War is looming!
Time to pick up arms and fight
For our patience has long enough been tried
Is time we to stood up and face those monsters 
In human forms
For Our lives really are in great jeopardy
If we must continue to live like this
Our land we shall stand to loose
Should we continue to keep calm
Our enemies will then continue to lord over us.

Chiukwu Abiama, we call upon you
For this ill treatment upon us is too heavy to bear  
Okike, to our cries you must hear 
For your kingdom must be restored on this very earth
IPOB only bear the message for its restoration
IPOB, the golden generation

Okike hear our cries, 
Your message must be preached
Okike hear our plea, 
And give IPOB victory over their enemies
Under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu
Biafra restoration our only focus
Because we are the chosen generation
And we only bear the message for its restoration.

Abiama, only to you have we come to complain
Abiama, will you continue to watch
As your people are being killed every day?
Abiama, will you continue to keep silent and watch 
As your children are continually slaughtered and maimed 
Every time Like animals by the zoo animals in human forms? 

Truly know we have sinned against you,
But do we really deserve this? 
Truly we have faulted
May our laments touch your Godly heart
And rescue us from this dastardly act!

Oh, chiukwu Abiama, hear our plea now
Oh, chiukwu Abiama redeem us from this damnation now,
From this evil creation by the British White Devil, Lugard
So that we may glorify your holy name
So that the world will know that you are truly a living God
So that your kingdom will be restored on this very earth
So that your children will rejoice and free from this holocaust
So that there will be peace again in our land

Okike, this is a Lamentation from your child, 
Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
On behalf of my people, I implore you
To not neglect my plea.
Arise and fight for us
Arise and defend us!

Author: Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
Editor: Onyechere Ugochinyere
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