By Stephen Kelechi (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
It is no longer news that Nigeria is synonymous with anarchy. Those who called Nigeria a 'zoo' seemed to be justified by what has been on display since heaven knows when. The Nigerian military, the army to be precise knew it was in a big mess after it failed to hide from the international community its heart-rending evil and gruesome murder of non-violent, peaceful indigenous people of Biafra both on their way and at their leader's residence on the 14th and 15th of September, 2017. It, therefore, decided that the best way to cover their evil deeds was to tow the path of illegitimacy and negligence of the rule of law and due process just like their president has done a couple of times, by tagging IPOB a terrorist organization just to justify its evil act.

It is at this juncture I, without any sense of abuse but honesty state that Nigerian military(army) is a company of illiterates. This is because a literate knows that in a democratic system of government, there are arms of government, a constitution and what is called checks and balances that checks the power of the different arms so it is not abused. No arm of a government goes beyond its powers in a democratic setting. It is however sad that their immeasurable hatred for the indigenous people of Biafra is so overwhelming that it cannot let them act any less. The Nigerian army failed to note that it is not in its power to declare any group a terrorist organization as affirmed in the Nigerian constitution thus:

"Section 2 (1) (c) of the Terrorism Prevention Act: such powers lies only with a Judge upon the application made by the Attorney General of the federation". Nevertheless, the Senate president of Nigeria has made a declaration that the declaration of IPOB as a terrorist organization is illegal and unconstitutional and that such declaration should follow the due process.

Nigeria has three arms of government. It has a constitution meant to guide its affairs, therefore, the right order must be followed in all its affairs. It is however disappointing that the presidency and other arms of government abuse their powers. That is what is obtainable in the contraption called Nigeria. It touches every level, facet, arm, agency of Nigeria. In fact, Nigeria is a jungle!

Nigeria is presently looking for where to hide her shame as many countries and international bodies have come out to denounce their evil and illegal declaration of IPOB as a terrorist organisation. Nigeria out of hatred for the indigenous people of Biafra and in a bid to divert attention from the extra-judicial massacre of unarmed Biafrans declared IPOB a terrorist organisation but now it has backfired, the world is holding Nigeria and her undisciplined military accountable for their actions. Nigerian officials can't face their international counterparts, hence they dodge from meetings and opt out of international organisations to save them the embarrassment.

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