By      Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
           Lucky Chibundu [editor]

The pronouncement of "IPOB" as a terrorist organization by Nigeria military is not only laughable but it shows the military lack of knowledge and deficiency in professionalism. It buttresses the fact that the Nigeria Army has abdicated from its pivots onus which is to protect the territorial integrity of its country and designate the responsibilities of the judiciary to itself, Thus making mockery and fool of themselves in an effort to cover up the recent terrorist acts perpetrated against unarmed civilians by them. The recent onslaught by the Nigeria military is not only barbaric but an act of terrorism.

Who is a terrorist? According to the Oxford dictionary definition: a terrorist is a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against innocent and unarmed civilians in the pursuit of political aims.

This is the reason why I called Nigeria military a terror group and anyone who think I'm wrong or who think their activities are not connected to that of terrorists should challenge me with an article.

A few weeks ago Nigeria military Launched operation "Python Dance two (2) in a peaceful region of Biafra land, immediately they commenced the deployment of military hardware in every street, farm roads etc in this peaceful region which shows they are gearing up for a  mission to terrorize the region. they invaded the region launched their Python Dance in the village and in the family home of the leader of indigenous people of Biafra  Nnamdi Kanu and, they used violence and intimidation on innocent and unarmed civilians  shooting direct at sight "IPOB" members and Made away with their bodies  just to cover up their evil actions and to keep Nigeria as one.

With these activities were carried out by Nigeria military on a peaceful region on daily basis I think the mode in which they operate is now base on terrorism, and I hereby appeal to the united  nation to designate  Nigeria Military as the 5th most dangerous terrorist organization in the world.

Nigeria military is a terrorist organization that will be more dangerous than Boko harm if care is not taken, because these are people drown from rank and files of different terrorist organization in the world they have no regard for human lives, their mission on Python dance is to wipe out the Biafra people ( Old Eastern Region) if Nigeria military are not terrorist why will they leave Borno  state where there is  Boko harm and declared operation Python dance in a most peaceful region in that contraption called Nigeria ?
If they are not terrorists why would they invade Nnamdi Kanu family home destroyed properties worth millions and slaughter innocent Biafrans youths who were not unarmed?

The early international communities declare Nigeria state and her military apparatus a terrorist organization the better for them, to avoid another Isis group from African Region. 

The act of terrorism in Nigeria military have made them leave their various barracks and come to the streets and on highways to mount roadblocks,always looking for who to intimidate and civilians to kill, in other countries, military is always in the  barracks to protect the territorial integrity of their various  countries or deployed in the streets when there  is internal crisis, but here in Nigeria the military is in every street doing the  police duties and terrorizing the state.
Nigeria is a place where the police and military kill  innocent civilians and get away with it, the next thing they will do is to come up with allegations just to cover up their evil.

With the launching of operation Python dance by Nigeria military I will personally call Nigeria a jungle Republic of animals because it is only in the jungle that crocodile and Python lives. At first, it was crocodile tears and smile now it's Python Dance who knows what the next code of operation will be named. These people are animalistic in nature and in their way of reasoning. The Nigeria military has turned into a movie industry. It is so laughable because they are making a mockery of themselves before the world.
They should continue with their unprofessional code of operation  "crocodile smile" and "Python dance" at international market square very soon the music tone will change.


Publisher:  Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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