The news of federal government obtaining an order from "AGF" and minister of justice Abubakar malami through the corrupt Acting Chief Justice of the federal high court in Abuja, justice  Abdul Kafarati to proscribe "IPOB" a terrorist is no longer news ,but the word on everyone's lips is how can a Chief judge grant such order  of labeling an existing indigenous people of a nation terrorist? Has his stupidity gotten to that level, not to know that proscribing "IPOB" a terrorist automatically you are referring to everybody that comes from the old Eastern region as a terrorist ?

If really this person are terrorist since they are agitating for their own separate nation why not give it to them instead of forcing them to remain in a country created by a white man, justice Abdul Kafarati should be ashamed that the law which he swore to uphold is been trapped upon just to suit the Islamic federal government alas, the judicial system has become a subject of caricature in the hands of criminals and murderer's parading themselves as government.

The judiciary have abounded their various duties and joined their counterpart in launching Python dance in other to murder justice, they have stained the white cloth of justice with the blood of innocent Biafrans , they have turned the last hope of common man into the last grave of common man, justice has been aborted and miscarried by those who are supposed to be beckoned upon as the last hope of the common man. they are now afraid to speak the truth.

However, Proscription of "IPOB" by the federal high court is illegal and must not stand, that shows you that Nigeria judiciary is ignorant of their own constitution and also a lawless country, you don't just proscribe a nation like that, perhaps because you are acting in the capacity of a chief judge and hence will want to be made one, hence you sacrifice justice to meet your dubious aim , due process must be followed, the people you proscribed as terrorist are in more than one hundred countries without them carrying any terrorist act, if these people are terrorist why will they be allowed to protest in every street of different countries even in United Nations building, or you want to tell me that all these countries are in support of terrorism ?

If IPOB were to be a terrorist organization as you said, where in the world have you seen a terrorist group protesting openly and without arms? 

Consequently, there are Fulani headsmen that carry AK47 around terrorizing villages. This group of herdsmen has been declared to be the 4th most dangerous terrorist group by international communities, but is yet to be declared a terrorist group by the Acting chief justice of the federal high, why then must this incompetent judge declare innocent and unarmed IPOB that have never taken any life or destroyed any property as terrorist ?
Thus, this could be because Nigeria is known to be involved in several irregularities to maintain the falsehood of the foundation it is founded upon. It is only in the jungle republic of animals known as Nigeria that someone who studies political science will be appointed as chief judge.

If IPOB were to be declared as terrorists what then will you call Arewa youths and Fulani herdsmen who destroyed properties, slaughter and behead innocent Biafrans, I believe justice Abdul Kafarati will call them his partners in crime or apostles of prophet Muhammad.

It should be known that the Acting chief justice of the federal high court justice Abdul Kafarati is working hard with the Nigeria military to cover up the extrajudicial killings of unarmed IPOB members and this is why they immediately within a space of two days bought judge Abdul Kafarati of the federal high court to proscribed ipob as a terrorist, in order to justify their extrajudicial killing and torture of unarmed people before the global world.

With the proscription of "IPOB" as a terrorist organization by judge Abdul Kafarati I think is high time the international communities should declare Nigeria the 1st most dangerous terrorist state in the world, that have three different terrorist groups and also African Leaders should call for the arrest of Buhari for creating and sponsoring terrorism in Africa.

My candid  advice to you Abdul Kafarati kindly go back and dust your law books before coming out to proscribe "IPOB" as a terrorist group, if at all you went to any law school ,and reverse that your statement to save yourself from the untold embarrassment you are about to cause yourself or may have brought upon yourself. A word is enough for the wise. 

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

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