By Livingrich Ezeikpe (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
This is no time to be deceived. Biafrans and the world at large should be aware of the Truth behind "Operation Python Dance ll". This operation is not targeted on Nnamdi Kanu as it appears at the moment. The siege on the Palace of Kanu is just a diversion of the peoples' minds to the intent of the operation. If they want Kanu they wouldn't have come blowing siren on their way coming and would have gone in and taken him and before IPOB forms a ground they would have gone.

How is it difficult to understand that simple truth. It is not a thing unknown to everyone that all the Security heads in the Country are from the North and hence any security meeting concerning anything in the country is a decision of the North. The lgbos can never know anything discussed in any National security meeting.

Their Youths issued a quit Notice to Ndi Igbo living in the North which will be enforced come October 1st. The Nigerian government run by Northerners know very well that once their youths attack the lgbos on October 1st as they instructed them, there may be a reprisal attack or something within the neighbourhood in the Southeast. Hence they have sent troops to Southeast in preparation of October 1st massacre in the North to stop our reprisal attacks and use it as an opportunity to kill Biafrans and quench those asking for the restoration of the Nation of Biafra.

They are making it look like they came for Kanu now. This is just a total deceits and to divert our attention from their real mission or why else will they send troops to peaceful civilians?
Armies do not go for arrest. Police do, so they did not come for Kanu now. Armies do not station against a peaceful people, they are only sent to stop violent attacks, thus they didn't come for IPOB but why are they here? Their mission against Kanu and IPOB is on October 1, 2017, and downline.

When a reprisal attack will start, they will apply the tactics used against the Shiites Muslims in the North to kill IPOB members and arrest Kanu or kill him. They forgot that Python does not dance in lgbo land-The home of Chiukwu Okike. Haa ! Haaa! Haaaa!

As it stands now, the first criminal intent is to provoke the IPOB to pick up arms against the military so as to have a ground to send more troops to the region. If this fails, the plan B will be Oct 1st attack. If their mission is not as stated above, then someone needs to explain why the troops were not sent to the North in preparation to protect the Igbo and indeed Biafrans against the intended Genocide designed against the children of God come Oct 1st, 2017?

Do not get it twisted, they are here to kill the Biafrans. This is a call to war. In as much as nobody subscribes for war, it is herein pleaded that all Igbos and indeed all Biafrans, who love their lives to vacate the North before October 1st, 2017 and do not be deceived.

For the Python dancers, maybe the international community should educate them on the danger of the Python dancing longer than necessary, that if the Pythons stay longer it will degenerate & escalate nationwide, this is because, the vipers, puff-adders, rattlesnakes, cobras and black mambas will soon understand the snake dance better. They should be reminded that these small snakes are more venomous than the Python which can only swallow.

Also, other members of the Python family will withdraw and rather support their natural kindred which are the smaller snakes. This would further weaken the Python clique which has no natural ties but only a professional affiliation. Also, the victims of the Python dance will escalate the dance/music in their individual natural sanctuaries which make the entire country a snake dance party floor. This will further exhaust the remaining active Nigerian Pythons. The problem of this operation Python dance is that it is giving problem to the totality of the "Southeast" in particular and would sooner than later cover the entire so-called country in general. Their approach will only increase the cancer of separation in the so-called country. The Python dancers and their sponsors are by all meaningful standard ill-advised the reception of which has multiple consequences.

Allowing Biafra to go their separate way remains the best option. Let the wise take counsel.

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