By Agu Ositadimma 

This is a time for sober reflection. A time for soul searching. A time tell the self where it belongs. A time to take a firm decision on the direction one must head.

We are now the endangered species with the emergence of Muhammadu Buhari and his Fulani Killer squad. This is not about IPOB or Nnamdi Kanu. Far from it. This is about the resources of our lands that Britain and the west are bent on exploiting even if all of us must die. That was what happened in 1967. Ojukwu never wanted a war. He got a PEACE DEAL in Aburi with Gowon. But the British saw it as a loss of the valued resources which they had control of. They pushed Gowon to invade our lands and kill our people to ensure their business interests were protected. Britain supplied 55 million rounds of ammunition to kill 9 million people. They killed us for oil. Women and children alike. They starved us to death in millions. Yet they claim Christians. The Christian country partnered a.Muslim nation to kill another Christian nation.

 Does that make any sense? Yes, it does. It simply says Religion is politics. Little wonder Steve Jobs stopped being a Christian because he couldn't just take it anymore. You preach with a bible in the left hand and kill with guns in the right hand. How.does that help us? When shall we understand? When shall we ever learn? IPOB or no IPOB, this plan had been laid to.stop us from advancing our freedom. Yet they preach that they want.people to be free and run democracies. It is all deceitful rhetoric. How can I want to be free and you tell me no? And I wonder why since your sermon had been.government of the people by the people. And you tell me not to my own people. Who is saying the truth? Us or them?

How come no black nation is progressing? It is not a course. It is a game. One must keep feeding the other. That's the plight of the.entire black Africa. Free your minds from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. Bob Marley knew it also I his redemption song. It is still playing out today. Hear the truth and know it. For only the truth can set you free. But when you know the truth, you will have enemies from them that also know it. The west and Britain and USA. All know the truth and must keep it from you. But the more we know it the less powerful they become. Nnamdi kanu knows the truth. Tony Nnadi knows the truth. But they'll not be allowed to allowed to preach it. Else the battle is lost and we can have our resources back. And invent and advance at our own pace. That is why they fight us with everything they have.

 Proscribed IPOB as a terrorist group while he Fulani Herdsmen kill and raid villages at will. Adorned with AK47 as ornaments. We fight our own that know the truth and.desert him because we are scared. But the truth will always hunt us until we all accept it and free ourselves from this mental slavery. For all the people from the old eastern region, KNOW YE THE TRUTH AND IT SHALL SET YOU FREE. REJECT IN TOTALITY THE GANG UP AGAINST US. THERE IS NO TERRORIST AMONG US. WE KNOW WHO THE.TERRORISTS ARE. THEY KILL. WE DO NOT KILL. We are different in all ramifications. What we have always wanted and preached is LIVE & LET LIVE. 

That's our mantra.
The world must know the truth from us. Even if they pretend know it. WE MUST NOT SUCCUMB TO THIS EVIL BLACKMAIL. The world must hear our story that terrorists do not live amongst us. It is forbidden. We.are a special people who are only saying LIVE & LET LIVE.

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