by Livingrich Ezeikpe (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
It is undoubtedly clear that Nigerian government anchored by Buhari/APC is absolutely determined to ruin what remains of the geographical space called Nigeria, that he claimed he wants to protect.
Buhari started by flouting court orders in the issue relating to Nnamdi Kanu cum IPOB, whom neither the law of Nigeria nor that of international law found guilty of any of the allegations levelled against him, consequent upon which the court on various court appearances declared him not guilty and subsequently declared him worthy of Bail. The same Nigerian court also found and subsequently certified IPOB as a legal organization. To add voice to this, international observers found out that IPOB is the most peaceful body that goes about its quest in the best of peaceful demonstration ever on record.

Unfortunately, today, Nigerian government via Nigerian army has risen again to contradict the findings of the only arm of its government whose responsibility it is via point of law to ascertain which body is a terrorist one and which one is not. This is self-contradiction and is tantamount to destroying the state it claimed it wants to protect. The court which is the third arm of government said IPOB is a lawful organization and the executive arm relegates that declaration and has instituted its own. Baron Montisque would cry out in condemnation of the executive.

As scholars, without being bias, on what ground should Kanu and IPOB be brandished a terrorist organization. Let us be a bit objective.
Was Nnamdi Kanu the brain behind:
- Igbo genocide of 1945 in Jos,
-Kano 1953,
-Census crisis of 1962/63,
-Federal Election of 1964,
-Pogrom of 1966,
-Biafra war of 1967-1970,
-general election of 1979,
-general election of 1983,
-Maitatsine of 1985,
-Ilorin religious crisis of 1986.
I did not hear of Nnamdi Kanu in:
-Bauchi town religious crisis of 1991,
-Kano religious Crisis of1991,
- Sharia introduction of crisis.
I have searched for Nnamdi Kanu's role in :
-Jos crisis of 2001.

Was Nnamdi Kanu responsible for 2011 post-election Crisis?
The greatest problem of man is his inability to sense the source of his problem. The genocide of Igbos is not in any way associated with Nnamdi Kanu neither will killing him save betrayals from being killed.

Chukwuemeka Ezeife, former Governor of Anambra State, is reported to have said "If the tree of one Nigeria must survive by periodically gulping the Igbo blood, that tree must be genetically re-engineered not to need blood at all.Certainly, if it must have Igbo blood to survive, it must die." I pity those who see betraying their own as the best option. Hausa/Fulani cannot take you serious, consequently, after using you, they will kill you, check history. It is rather better to die Standing than live kneeling.

Perhaps the greatest joy lies in the fact that after raiding Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's residence, no gun, bomb, not even a pin was found in his abode or anywhere in the environ. That alone proves to the entire world that there is no single truth in the lips of Buhari/ APC administration.Instead of leaving the young prince and IPOB alone and try Sambisa Forest, all they feel they can do is to embark on a foolhardy declaration. This is quite reprehensible.

The declaration is another step to sink what remains of the geographical space courtesy absence of wisdom and absence of wise men in Buhari led administration, the consequence of which is not short of MENE MENE TEKEL URPHASIN.

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