There is an Igbo adage which goes this way: A chicken says that her purpose of shouting is not because what is holding her will leave her but for the whole world to hear her voice, I do not intend to waste time and I will not do so, I want to quickly address some section of people in Biafra land using this platform because I know it will reach them, before I do that I will not be ungrateful to all the gallant Biafra freedom fighters working hard in different platforms all over the world, the leadership of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and all the members of the group, may Chukwu Okikeabiama bless you and give you the grace to fight to the end.

To all the governors and politicians in Biafra land both active and not, especially those in the Igbo speaking Biafra who are working very hard with the president of Nigeria Muhammed Buhari and the entire Nigeria government to stop IPOB and possibly decimate her supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, I want to question you, what will it profit you to gain the whole and lose your souls? What will it profit you to smile in the morning and weep the rest of your day and night? Do you ever know that today and tomorrow are different days? Anyway, you ought to be reasonable enough to provide answers to these questions, if I were you guys I would prefer to work for a better tomorrow because tomorrow is longer than today. All your activities against IPOB and the progress of our land is well known to us and when the time comes, you will reap what you are sowing today, remember your family and children are on earth.

To all the serving ministers of God or better still our preachers in the churches, I hope you are still looking after the ships you were asked to look after? How often do you care about their predicament, such that they are passing through now in the hands of Hausa/Fulani blood suckers? your keeping mute despite all these afflictions, I wonder where all these our lord Bishops, Archbishops, Rev. Fathers, Pastors, Evangelist or Christian Association of Nigeria and other Christian organizations are hiding. What does it take from you to stand up and condemn this evil act against the people you call brethren? If at the time like this you refuse to advocate for those people who devote their time to come and worship God in your churches and ministries, even contribute their resources to your personal up keeps then I wonder if you will still do something or even say anything if the Nigeria government decide to Islamise the entire zoo.

To all the media and journalist eaten up by brown envelop syndrome, I am sure you know the level of damage you are doing to your noble profession? I hope you have not forgotten what your profession is all about? maybe you have forgotten or you do not know about it in the first place, continue to allow the evil corrupted and irreparable Nigeria government to use you. You have lost your little integrity in case you do not know, you have zeroed yourselves to nothing and the worst is coming, do not give up because the world is watching, they have known your lies, and very soon your evil will pay you.

To all the lazy good for nothing who have nothing doing than to sit down and gossip about IPOB and her supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, I wonder if you really know the meaning of IPOB because if you know, you would not have been doing what you are doing, because you are deeply involved, ask yourself why is it that the Nigeria security operatives on their mission and assignment to decimate IPOB and her supreme leader will not spare anybody they set their eye on? It is because all of you are one people. You should make use of your brain and respect yourselves. Be careful hence a fresh tree falls before a dry one.

To all my fellow IPOB members in the struggle to restore Biafra, this is one of the things we anticipate in the struggle, for us to come to the end of it. In no distant time we shall get to our destination therefore, I urge you to remain strong and resolute because we are about to wear the crown. never give in to any distraction in any form and from anywhere or anybody. Remember our leader's word "They will kill us and we will kill them but in the end Biafra will come."

Written by:

Ogeh Friday
Ebonyi Media

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