By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

From the earlier days, since Britain created the abominable contraption it calls Nigeria, its obsession has been to keep Biafrans down to as to corner the people’s wealth. It has never bothered to them, whether Nigeria becomes the world’s most pauperized country in the process.

It has continued on the mind-game it was playing to influence the nations it locked up in the contraption. Three former and serving British officials are prominent in the current effort. The first is Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, who visited Kaduna State last month to meet with Nasir El-Rufai to perfect his own (El-Fufai’s) part of the plan. El-Rufai is the one coordinating the Islamization agenda, and Fulani herdsmen arm of the onslaught against Biafra. Blair, the evil man that has been widely criticized for the atrocities he committed in Iraq does not appear to have been fed up with perpetrating evil. He appears ready to want to repeat – this time under the radar of the British population – the British government’s atrocities in India, in Iraq, and in Biafra of 67- 70, this year and age.

The other one is Boris Johnson who came lying to the foolish Nigerians, telling them that they had an amazing future. This is the same kind of lie they have been telling the dumb Nigerians since 1960, and yet today, Nigeria is in the abyss. A country which started out in 1960 on a promising note like India and Brazil, is today a failed state.
The people they have deceived most are the Northerners who they delude by giving them power, and using they to kill off other peoples. Because of that, they have today, the poorest region in the whole world – with their beggar-population up to five million scattered all over the country.

 In his speech before the fake pastor who became the Vice President, Femi Osibajo, Johnson had declared: “This is an incredible place. It is the power house of African economy. We are with Nigeria every step of the way”. He went from the airport to the seat of government and was claiming Nigeria was an “incredible place” – a place he had not been to before or know anything about. Perhaps the place (Nigeria) is “incredible” in view of the absurdities it had become, and not in anything positive.
Why does the highly civilised British public always throw up the worst amongst them – killers and genocidists like Paul Arkwright and Boris Johnson – into public offices? These were people who were never bothered what their wicked policies result in the contraption; and how many people were killed as long as they achieve their wicked aims.

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