To be in school is another way of making a history because after being an infant today, tomorrow you becomes an adult . So  as the saying goes, Children are the futures of Tomorrow,' but one funny thing is that we do not see ourselves as the futures  of tomorrow base on the way things are moving in the contraption called Nigeria, since the men who rule the people since the birth of our parents still rule today. Does it mean they are no other capable persons to be leaders other than them?

History being  taught in schools especially in high institutions of learning is like an adult learning how to use his/her left hand to eat or start learning how to suck tumb fingers at old age, a lecturer  coming into the class and start teaching history is like teaching the pre-Nursary  school pupil, it is so difficult to the students because they were not led  at the rightful channel.

It is incredible that the able lecturer of the university in the contraption called Nigeria, if they want to teach their students history about the Nigeria and Biafra civil war of 1967-1970, all they can teach  you is that Igbo speaking Biafrans do no love themselves, sowing hatred in the minds of the young generations thereby, hiding the real thing which ought to be made known to the students, but I do not blame them because no one can give what he do not have, that was how they were thought so they must teach others in that same manner. Which is very bad of any society that wishs to move forward and as well as uphold her honor, somebody must know where he is coming from to enable him know where he is going, but in the contraption called Nigeria since the so called paper independence from the Britain, we do not know where we are coming from nor where we are going. Very Bad I must say!

It is the wickedness of them that makes them teach you in school and tell you in the streets that Igbo speaking Biafrans do not love each other, it is a means to further divide you, there is no tribe in the whole world that loves themselves more than Biafrans and from all indications on the ongoing activities of IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is a prove to tell you that we love ourselves. They do not want you to know your history because if you do, you will unanimously fight for your right. And the only way we can get to know who we are is by paying critical attension to the teachings of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the director of Radio Biafra, Biafra Television and as well as the supreme leader of IPOB worldwide. This is the time for us to wake up and embrace the truth from a reliable  source.

Biafra restoration is all we need because without it Africa will never know peace, without it  the greatness of Africa will continue to be hidden because for a family to be up and doing in its functions, the mother and the father must be present and also live up to their espectations but both needs the aid of another to function appropriately, but in Africa it is only the mother that is available while the father of the family is on the run. Ethiopia is the mother of Africa while Biafra is the father of Africa and it is high time the entire African nations not just Biafrans join hands together to restore Biafra for their family to be put inorder. No wonder Emefiena Ezeani wrote that 'IN BIAFRA AFRICA DIED'.

The restoration of Biafra is the restoration of Africa and its dignity, it is the restoration of greatness in the black continent. There is no better time to do this than now because Nigeria has failed us in many ways beyond our analysis and our last hope is Biafra.

Long live Biafra!
Long live Nnamdi Kanu!
Long live IPOB!
Long live lovers of  freedom!

- Ogbodo kosisochukwu and Ogeh Friday 
  City Media Press.
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