Have you ever wondered or pry into why there is effectual outcry over the recent activities of the Nigeria Army in Biafra land, especially in the family home of the leader of indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? The reason[s] is not farfetched as the Nigeria Government has been plunged into revealing their murderous nature.  However, before I proceed I will like to make available the conceptual, and African backed meaning of the term  “python”  in the wake of the ever legal struggle for self-determination cum Biafra restoration.  By way of explanation, this kind or species of snake is usually sacred but wild and dangerous, it is sacred because it is not often seen but, whenever it is seen, it is because it has an assignment to carry out which in its modalities do not always conform to the principles that soothe life.  [I will explain], the snake is found in a variety of habitats, from forests to near deserts, although usually near sources of water. it usually kills its prey by construction . occasionally it is often seen when there is an intending danger or in search of its prey (victim). 

Dear brothers and sisters, the music has changed. From the dance of the Python as declared by Buhari and his Soldiers in Biafra land, it shows that they are here to exterminate  Biafrans, hence, complete ethnic cleanings as the case may be. You have seen the videos as it is still going viral and that is only because it was videotaped discretely. We must rise now and believe what Nnamdi Kanu said about the murderous Nigeria Army under the command of Buhari and his brother General Tukur Brutai is the exact truth. However, For some reason, I don't want to go into whether the Federal Government deploying the military to a peaceful non-violent Biafra land is right or wrong, But, What do you call a government that did nothing when murderous Fulani herdsmen were attacking villages and slaughtering people like cows, also did nothing when the Northern Youth Coalition gave Igbo speaking Biafrans living in the North a dangerous quit notice to leave the North before 1st of  October 2017 but deployed her  military Juntas with sophisticated and heavy weapons in a show of force against those (civilians) agitating for self-determination which is a universal law as enshrined in the United Nations charter. 

There is absolutely no doubt that Buhari is a tyrant, an expert in mass murdering  who has the blood of hundreds of innocent people on his is stupidity and extremism in the blood of especially the Sunni Wahhabi Muslims in the north that has made them think that those who are unjustly killed are killed for nothing, they think their Isis, Boko Haram, and al-Qaeda brothers are soldiers of God by killing innocent civilians, they love to hate, yesterday it was the Shiite using roadblock as a pretext for genocide ,today it is the Biafrans using Nnamdi Kanus agitation as a pretext, tomorrow it might be the Yorubas etc..I would rather die than side an oppressor or a tyrant because lets face it those who support injustice or tyranny are no different from those who commit such an offences. We are masters of our faith we should be captives of our souls. 

What caused this mayhem in the first place is that Nigeria Army is not civilised and well trained. The approach of the IPOB has remained legal and peaceful thus did provoke the barbaric nature of this murderous Army and the Federal Government. using the totally barbaric method to persecute us.

If you are happy about the senseless killings of IPOB members or you support it, probably because you are not Biafra or an enemy of IPOB, you are not an animal; you are a devil. The same goes to those who feel that Biafrans are being (rightly) taught a lesson of their lives.

 Arewa youths gave Biafrans Quit Notice and a possible extermination notice and got a  praise song but IPOB  who didn't issue quit Notice to other Nigerians got Python Dance, A Biblical advice for The Remote controllers of this evil dance on Biafrans or Mazi Nnamdi Kanu "Do not pay attention to every word people say, or you may hear your servant cursing you" History doesn't repeat itself. Men repeat history. No nation on earth has permanently put down a freedom fighting movement by force of arms alone. Ignorance is a disease, the USA has 14 separatist movements. England invited her separatist groups to form regional Government in Ireland and Scotland.
And you think when you watch from the sideline you will be safe from what is coming???

Have a rethink! In the Biafra war, those who were against and those who were for it were all killed in the pogrom and the war that followed.
You can't sit on the wall for this....when the shit hits the fan, that your house in Abuja or in Lagos will not be safe for anyone with a name.

Buhari and his Army (His brothers) has taken Biafra restoration to the next level. The dancing python has danced naked in the public for the world to see its nakedness. The dancing is now a big shame and disgrace to the one who played the music and to the dancing python. May the blood of that slain speak against them.

So I urge you Biafrans who seem to be unconcerned with whats happening to your brothers and sisters in Biafra to think twice. even if you do not like Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB speak out against the military occupation cum extrajudicial killings, assassinations including attempted ones because they are there to ignite the fire that will consume everyone.

If the government has chosen to be foolish, I don't think the people should ride along with them and for the rest of Nigerians who seem to be supporting what the government is doing in the Biafra land , note that when the war started in Syria, it seemed like the government of the day had it under forward two years into the war and the whole country got destroyed, their beautiful cities decimated .
Those who think that what is happening in the southeast will not get to them because they are in the North, Middle Belt or Southwest, you must be joking..this will not be like the Biafra war. The world will take sides.America will be on one side, Russia and China on another side. Do not think that Lagos and Abuja will be immune from the danger ahead.
Be smart, condemn the militaries violent approach to this whole IPOB/Biafra agitation. 

It is true that whatever that becomes your fear it becomes your captor. Once the human imagination is captured, you become susceptible to abuse and manipulation. The Python dance was aimed at capturing the minds of the Biafrans and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu into mute about the corrupt practices going on in the Nigeria state and especially on Biafra Restoration, while others look in fear. Blood is blood. If that of Abel several thousand years ago could cry, then this once would cry one day.  God is on the throne watching.  Nigeria is a country where the views of her citizens are not respected and when you speak out, you are killed. 

Consequently, may I use this opportunity to tell all my brothers saying, "Biafra or death", "Biafra or war", "Biafra or the zoo call Nigeria will burn", etc that they should remain resolute and formidable in the face of danger. 
As far as this mayhem is concerned, our ultimate wishes and desires as the human being are to see that Biafra is restored. 

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