It is unlawful to be lawful in an unlawful society like Nigeria. Anybody in Nigeria who tries to be lawful becomes an enemy of Nigeria because Nigeria is designed to function from the opposite direction. Everything about Nigeria is fake, Nigeria is a lie and an unlawful society built by Britain to deceive the world but Mazi Nnamdi Kanu knows the truth and he promised to destroy Nigeria with the truth and now Nigeria is destroyed by the truth.  Truth becomes terror and those that tell the truth are tagged terrorists while Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen are allowed to flourish.

Even the devil knows that Nigeria is a failed state. Nigeria is not working and will never work. Politicians are just try to grab what they can within the space of time that the masses refuse to rise to take the challenge and risk their lives to restore the dignity of all those living in this side of the world. These devils at the corridor of power know that power belongs to the people but they will rather impose themselves, crush the masses and drink their blood while the international community is looking the other way.

The life of a Nigerian is quite different, it is common for a Nigerian to tell you to wait, I am coming, and you will foolishly wait and watch him walking away instead of coming towards you.  He walks away and never remembers you were waiting.  The next time you see him, he starts smiling, smiling from the heart of darkness because you were supposed to understand that he was not coming, he was going. Everything about Nigeria is built upon lies, the constitution was imposed to read we the people of Nigeria whereas the people of Nigeria got a constitution imposed on them, they use AK 47 to hunt us to agree to it but we are Biafrans.  

The Indigenous People of Biafra seek justice in an unjust contraption called Nigeria and were tagged terrorists. Terrorists because Nigeria was founded on lies and injustice, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu refused to be corrupted by accepting bribes to betray his people and Nigeria in attempt to kill him, declared him the most wanted person in Nigeria because no one fights corruption and live to tell the story in Nigeria.

Nigeria is shaking, it has lost focus and the government has no solution to the overwhelming calamities it has put itself into. Nigeria has become an unlawful society where human right is grossly abused and right to freedom of speech is prohibited. Unconstitutional laws are being framed and reframed to tarnish the image of the Indigenous People of Biafra because Nigerian government is deaf towards the truth. Where on earth would you hear that those who ask for a referendum are tagged terrorists except Nigeria? The Indigenous People of Biafra are resolute, we are formidable and we are focused.  The truth must be told and all the lies must be exposed. Nigeria is in bondage and must be free; Biafra is the spirit of freedom that has become a terror to the murderous Nigerian government. Nothing on earth can stop the full restoration of Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Biafra denounces the corruption in Nigeria and must be allowed to raise the flag of the rising sun where truth prevails over lies. We will always renounce Nigeria with all our hearts, Nigeria is not our country. To be numbered among herdsmen and Boko Haram is a curse, so break it God.  To be a Nigerian is not by force, the choice must be decided through a referendum. To vote in Anambra election without fixing the date for Biafra referendum is the worst evil we can do to ourselves. Anambra election is not for Biafrans; we will boycott it with all our might.

To pretend that Nigeria is good is to deceive ourselves, to live in Nigeria is to live in bondage lets break the chains at once.  A nation that spills the blood of her youth for selfish ambition cannot be my country. A nation that uses AK47 to force people to bow to 21st century slavery cannot be my fatherland. A country where all the leaders are in chains and wilfully chose slavery when freedom is available is not my country, I am a proud Biafran.

God Bless Biafra.

Written by: 
Bright Oriaku
Biafra State Media

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