Boris Johnson: a Nigerian slave-master
By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

Britain is stepping up its goading of Nigerian (zoo) leadership to ramp up their master/slave relationship before United Kingsom (UK) finally exits from European Union (EU). There was a continuation of that recently when some British officials met with some its dumb Nigerian counterparts in Lagos.
Biafrans have are not bothered with whatever evil they are cooking together. However, they must bear in mind that whatever happens, that the ramping of their relationship must be done without any thought of Biafrans as part of it. Biafra is already on its way out of the evil contraption called Nigeria; Biafrans would not want to continue with the same kind of relationship which Britain has been having with Nigeria for more than 100 years – a relationship that have not gained the people any progress; and which have left Nigeria a wasteland. It is a relationship that had Britain stealing the resources of the African country in connivance with some uneducated individuals it had consistently foists on the people.
This is the kind of relationship that Britain was strongly seeking to re-establish recently, when Boris Johnson, its Secretary of States for Foreign Affairs, visited Nigerian Navy leadership in Lagos on August 31. According to reports, Johnson had lied to his audience that “Nigeria has an amazing future”. This is the same kind of lie they have been lying to the dumb and clueless house-slaves (the Northerner political rulers) since the inception of the evil contraption called Nigeria. But these people (black monkeys according to Britain) have never asked themselves why their poverty has continued to increase in spite of the so-called partnerships. They have not wondered why they today have nothing less than 5 million Northerners are in the streets begging.
Johnson went further to stress that United Kingdom was partnering with Nigeria in different areas, including intelligence sharing in its fight against terrorism. Well, Johnson is free, and may sell that dummy to the world and foolish Nigerians, but they should know that Biafrans cannot by it. we know that the intention is not to fight terrorism because the number one terrorist in Africa is the Nigerian government that is being piloted by the Fulani.
There is a three dimensional terrorism going on in the so-called Nigeria today, and Nigerian government is in the driving seat. The first is the Nigerian military – Army, Navy, and Airforce – and other supposedly security agencies that it has been using to cow, intimidate and trample on people’s rights. Biafrans have been at the receiving end since 1914 when the evil contraption was created by Britain.
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The second one is Boko Haram, which Buhari used to get into power by intimidating government, killing Christians, burning and bombing churches and bus stations. The ultimate aim is to Islamize everywhere, especially Biafraland. The third level of Nigerian terrorism and Islamization agenda is the Fulani herdsmen that Buhari and his kinsmen have armed with AK47, who go about communities massacring people and burning their homes.

Biafrans know that the whole essence of what they are plotting is a continuation of the subjugation of Biafrans so that they will continue to steal the people’s resources. Biafrans will resist it!
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