Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike

I want to bring to the notice of the executive governor of Rivers State, His Excellency Nyesom Wike that Obigbo is still under serious attack by the men of SARS.  Since 13/9/2017 till now, SARS has been terrorising the youths in Obigbo.  Our women/mothers are now afraid to shade their goods in Obigbo market.
According to some marketers who pleaded that their names should not be mentioned, said several times SARS came to the market and started shooting sporadically which made them to run away and left their goods behind and some of them coming back to see their goods been catered away by unknown persons. the reason given by SARS is that why must they run away if they are not suspect.

The activities of SARS in Obigbo sir, is getting out of hand and l can't remember watching on TV or reading on papers that the government of Rivers state, has declared a curfew in Obigbo. 
The kind of arrest, intimidations and harassment going on in Obigbo right now is on believable. Few days ago, very early in morning, a full loaded bus carry some people to inside town for their day to day normal business, were diverted by men of SARS to their station and many of them, have been denied bail. 

His Excellency the governor of Rivers State, the situation in Obigbo right now sir, is very alarming the people living in Obigbo, are now praying that night shouldn't come so that they will see their way through when they are running because it has become every day night exercise that people must run in Obigbo. Those of them who woke up, are afraid of going out for their normal businesses so to avoid been arrested or their belongings been taken away by those who supposed to protect their lives and property.

As you're reading this report, Obigbo police station, is flooded with young youth which many of them, are Igbo's.  The investigation carried out and also the eyewitness report shows that these people were arrested without any crime. The only reason they (SARS) are carrying out mass arrest, is to get those they claimed that vandalized Dangote truck and also the members of IPOB since the Nigerian military has unlawfully declared them terrorist group. I don't want to stretch more on this, but I want to draw the attention of the chief security of the state His Excellency Nyesom Wike the able governor of Rivers state, on what's happing in Obigbo and also to please quickly intervene before they TAG Obigbo people as criminals and terrorist. Obigbo people and her youths, are peaceful and loving people, the IPOB families in Obigbo and port Harcourt in general, are not terrorist nor violent group of which if they are, would have been noticed and tackled by the Rivers state government.

So I want to use this medium to call on the governor to please intervene and call for a stop to some illegal activities of SARS in Obigbo and also advise them to protect life and property and not to unlawfully intimidate and conduct mass arrest on the innocent citizens.

I want the governor to also look into a story going round the town that some people are planning to carry out what they called a Revenge attack on the people living at Obigbo, because in every nonsense, they're some atom of sense, there is no smoke without fire. that story or rumours, must not be looked down at, an investigation most be carried out to avoid a story that touches because Obigbo people no longer sleep, they're always at alert day and night since the planned attack leaked. So I want the governor to make sure that Obigbo people are free from torture, intimidation and unlawful arrest of the innocent citizens by the men of SARS and also Free from terror attack so that at the end, Rivers state will enjoy all-round peace and not a problem in any branch of her.

Thanks and God bless you sir and good people of Rivers state.
Danny West
Abia Media Team

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