Following the recent ugly incident in Biafra Land perpetrated by the Nigerian Security operatives, We, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) wish to draw the attention of the Human Rights Organizations and other international bodies whose duty is to restore and maintain peace and tranquility in the world. 

Therefore, we write to report about the continued massacre of our people, and all manner of immoral acts such as subjugation, marginalization, total emasculation, unlawful detention, denial, assaults and so on and so forth, Biafrans are subjected to in the contraption called Nigeria. 

We implore the international communities and the world leaders to look into our predicaments and do the needful by start discussing in their world meetings about these heinous crimes against humanity that are being constantly carried out on a particular people who equally are humans like every other race existing on the face of the earth.

This mistreatment of the Biafran people has been ongoing since the British government, through Fredric Lugard merged us (Biafrans) together in the same country with the Mohamedan emirates of the North (Hausa/Fulani people) and the Yorubas of the Western extraction. That was when things began to fall apart in our lives. And since then, we have been agitating for our freedom.

Over the years, the other people (The Hausa/Fulanis and the Yorubas) that we were amalgamated with have refused to allow us to be despite the fact that we had fought a war for this same purpose which had lasted for almost three years (From 1967 – 1970). Fifty years later after this disastrous war that had claimed the lives of many, mostly Biafrans (more than three million people) lost their lives, we are still here battling to free from this hell-like country.

To further throw more light on this, Biafrans since the creation of Nigeria have been subjected to unfair treatment and that is exactly what has triggered their agitation to secede. The fact is we are being treated as the second class citizens and regarded as a minority group in our own land. 

But the real cause of this unrest is because of the oil discovered in our land and which serves as the country’s major source of income. The Nigerian Parliament mostly dominated by the cabals from the northern extraction in conjunction with the British government has refused to grant us our freedom due to the gain they enjoy from our natural resources while we, the original owners are subjected to untold hardship and abject pauperism.

In other to quell our agitation for independence, the Nigeria government has resorted to using its combined “forces” against Biafrans who are merely exercising their indigenous right as a people. This right, which can be found in the UN charter of 2007 stipulates that “the Indigenous people have the legal right to ask for their freedom,” and which the Nigeria government happens to be a signatory to. Yet, they have no regard for such right but are hell-bent clamping down on Biafrans, thereby violating this agreement. United Nations should duly take note of this.

This combined squad of the Nigerian forces, which includes the army, Navy, Police, and DSS have in recent time, resumed their killing act, following the directives of their paymasters at the government houses. They serve as a tool for punishment against anyone, the Muhammadu Buhari APC – led Administration has perceived as their enemy. And IPOB happens to be among the enemies of this fiendish government being run by the cabals of the North. 

On the plans to stop IPOB from agitating for their freedom, this current administration had formed a particular group of force called “Operation Python Dance,” which was inaugurated on December 2016. This special force, from army extraction, is mostly dominated by the heartless Fulani herdsmen savages and Boko Haram, all from the northern part of Nigeria. 

On the late afternoon of Sunday, 10th Sept 2017, these band of vandals in army uniforms had as usually performed a genocidal act on our people.

Regarding this, the Umuchiukwu Writers research team had gathered from reliable sources concerning the ruthless attack and massacre on Biafrans at Umuahia and Aba axis when those agents of Lucifer first made an attempt to invade the family home of the Supreme leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, at Afara-Ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia in Biafra land, with the purpose of murdering him (Kanu) but were repelled by his friends and relatives who had refused to allow them access into the compound as they were demanding to know why the army should take such illegal actions at that particular point in time. 

According to our sources, Kanu’s friends and relatives had requested that the army should not trespass the compound as Umuahia, in general, is a very peaceful society and such action to parade around the Eze’s (king) palace, His Royal Majesty Israel Okwu Kanu with armored personnel carriers and the rest of the military weapons was uncalled for they were not in a war zone.

All of a sudden, the “Operation Python Dance II (Egwu Eke)” started shooting sporadically at the unarmed people (Kanu’s friends and relatives). Many were killed in the process while a lot of people were seriously injured and hospitalized.  

As this pogrom was ongoing, some fearless ones among the Biafrans who were being shot at, had chosen to die instead, then to allow the marauding armies of the Islamic caliphate whisk away the corpses of their loved ones who had been murdered that they decided to pick up stones and started throwing at the callous terrorists in army uniforms unleashed upon IPOB by the Muhammadu Buhari APC-led Administration.

This was done in an act of self-defense so as to prevent the Nigerian army from taking away the corpses of those they had already gunned down, which has always been their mode of operation in order to avoid attracting the attention of the international communities and other human rights organizations. 

As if what happened on that fateful Sunday was not enough, two days later being 12th of September 2017, these monsters called Operation Python dance again raided the same community and this time it was more brutal than the previous attack. 

To perfect this evil action, the aforementioned army special force had applied another strategy of secretly kidnapping Biafrans in their homes, at the dead of the night while they were deeply asleep. This had occurred as the governor of Abia state, Okezie Ikpeazu had declared a three-day (6 pm - 6 am) curfew in the state given to the current disturbances. 

Up till now, the locations of those that were abducted in secrecy by the Nigerian army (the newly formed operation Python Dance II, of the Enugu 82 division) is still unknown. Whether they are dead or alive, nobody knows as every effort to contact them remains futile.

This malicious act by this merciless group of soldiers had continued unabated throughout the week of this incident. For instance, a video went viral on the internet showing how these heartless soldiers were molesting and killing Unarmed Biafrans who were on their way to visit their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. This unfortunate incident took place at Aba/Umuahia Expressway.  

The video had shown how some group of people, of the Biafran extraction who only had Biafran flags, placards, uniforms, and caps in their possession were forced by this same so-called Special Force to lie inside dirt located at the scene of the operation. They were severely beaten and were even forced to drink the dirty water. The video also showed the corpses of those they had already tortured to death lying by the roadside. These people they suffered and executed for no just cause were their fellow human beings and brothers, fathers, and sons to other people as well. It was indeed a pitiful sight.

But the worst was yet to come. On the 14th of Sept 2017, these evil perpetrators in army uniforms again attacked the family home of the Supreme leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and massacred many unarmed Biafrans stationed at the place, destroying properties, and took away with them some Biafrans whose whereabouts is up till now not known.

Recall that in November 2016, The Amnesty International had combined a comprehensive report of these genocides on our people, orchestrated by the Nigerian combined forces and had brought them to limelight for the whole world to see. IPOB really appreciates such action taken by the Amnesty International and urges them to continue to do more for such humanly act will contribute immensely towards eradicating evil doing prevalent in our societies.

Besides the current holocaust carried out on our people by these marauding armies of the Islamic caliphate, the following is the already recorded massacre since Muhammadu Buhari APC – led Administration: 
(1)    the killing of Biafrans 0n the 18th day of January 2016,
(2)     National High School massacre in Aba Abia State dated 9th February 2016,
(3)     Nkpor massacre (Our Heroes’ Remembrance Day) dated 30th May 2017
(4)     And the Trump rally massacre right in Igweocha (Port Harcourt) dated 20th January 2017 all of which Biafrans were killed in greater numbers. 

To conclude, we, therefore, urge the Amnesty International to again come to our aid, because the Nigerian military with their influence on some world powers like Britain has as usual denied being involved in any of these acts, not minding the fact that we, IPOB have our evidence to proven them wrong over their lies. We also seek for the attention of the world at large, for the Biafran people are under threat of extinction.


By Umuchiukwu Writers [UWlive]

Editors: Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu,
              Onyechere Ugochinyere

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