When we talk about history it is all about a previous tragedy that has happened in the past, or a terrible thing that has happened to a particular tribe or  country. As our people do say, history should not repeat it self; as we do ask in Igbo,  "Umuibe ugboro ole na ole ka Ihe  ga emenu tupu unu amara ihe?" We should not allow what happened before to occur  to us the second time, rather let's learn from it and guard against its recurrence.

 I was going towards new Artisan and mistakenly boarded  a Muslim tricycle (Keke Napepe). I did not bother because I was in a haste , but at a point I noticed how he consults his own CHI, which they call Feredi ( Chaplet). He couldn't drive for  minutes without touching the feredi, which he hung on the right handle of his tricycle. He drove for about 5 mins, turned and asked what the time was and was told 2:01 pm. His mood changed and everything about him that moment totally changed. He became absent-minded, but when we got to his fellow Muslim shop, he stopped to take water,  after which we continued.  We asked him to stop us, he did without  hesitation and told us he handed balance  for the money we gave him.  

At that point he could not control himself; he came out from his tricycle and squatted by the side of the main road, opened the pure water, washed his feet, hands, head and face before he was conscious enough to answer correctly and took his money. I tried to get a little picture of  his feredi, but he used his leg to shield it. I eventually got it and he drove away .

My question remains, if  a Muslim could not be shy to worship his God,  then why should a Biafran who worships the true God be?  Am I not allowed to only call out my identity which is Biafra? If a Muslim can  proudly say that he is a Muslim , why can't we as well proudly stand firm to say who we are by wearing our T-shirts, caps , and hoisting our flag anywhere and any time? Why must we be arrested, handcuffed and put in prisons, because we are putting on our identity? "Njiri  mara onye Anyi bu". 

However,  there are some of us that were born with  Hausa Fulani /Yoruba blood running in our veins. Our so-called Men of God should be careful and mindful  of their utterances concerning BIAFRA  for it is older than their Churches. 

Above all am proudly to be a Biafran and the Ideology will remain in me forever.

 Long live Biafra.
 Long live Nnamdi KANU.
 Long live IPOB and lovers of freedom.

Ogbodo kosisochukwu for City media press
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