When Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s Kalakuta Republic was attacked and leveled by the agents of the British contraption called Nigeria in 1977, the outrage that incident elicited prompted the Obasanjo military junta to quickly set up the Justice Ayo Irikefe panel of inquiry to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident. The irikefe panel to the chagrin of many right thinking people all over the world described what happened as unfounded and was carried out by unknown soldiers.

Fela in one of his songs described the obvious and premeditated miscarriage of justice as GOVERNMENT MAGIC. We thought we have seen  the last of such magic until the 6th of August 2017 following the ungodly attack on Saint Phillips Catholic Church, Ozubulu that faithful Sunday. People were yet to understand what really transpired as Igbos are never known for such heinous mass killing, when Daniel came to judgment. Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State in company of the State Commissioner of Police, visited the scene of the incident and began his magic. Obiano said it was two Ozubulu indigenes residing in South Africa who brought their rift home that led to the massacre. It was later said by the Anambra government that the gunmen came to church in search of the father of Alloysius Ikegwuonwu (aka Bishop), who incidentally built the Saint Phillips Catholic Church, scene of the incident.

Allow me to say that in saner climes, when an incident of crime happens, the first line of information is the Police, Army, etc, depending on the nature of the criminal incident. Why did Obiano become the mouthpiece of the police two hours after the incident? Was Governor Obiano trying to hide the fact that it was obvious there would have been a serious backlash if the people knew the truth of what really happened? Obiano rushed to provide answers to protect his masters, the Hausa /Fulanis. In a broadcast to the people of Anambra State, he told everyone  that three people have been arrested in connection with the Ozubulu  killing. We therefore ask: where are these  suspects? Who are they? Why have they not been paraded as is the tradition in security circles? Or are they waiting for heaven to administer to them? Like the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra {IPOB}, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu pointed out in his reaction to the unfortunate incident, Igbos are not known to engage in mass murder. We lack the propensity, no matter what. It is not in our nature.

Two weeks on after the event, nothing have been heard further on the matter. We know how it goes in the geographical entity, Nigeria. It will be forgotten in an endless police investigation. Ask questions and they will be quick to tell you that investigation is going on, but we know better. We cannot be deceived, no matter how hard they may try.

Their lies cannot suffice. That is a fact. The attackers were obviously part of the Fulani militia set up by the callous Hausa/Fulani oligarchs to ravage Biafraland, but shall they triumph? NEVER! Obiano can be a scapegoat as much as he desires, but the truth shall prevail. We wonder how according to him two Ozubulu indigenes living abroad could bring their quarrel to church and massacre innocent worshippers. If the narratives put out by them that the attackers came in search of Bishop’s father who was in the church to pray, how come they did not walk up to the man straight and shoot him? How come they did not wait for him on his way from church, or at best attack him at his home? Their narratives falls on its face and holds no water.

Incidentally the following week, at Onitsha, a similar incident nearly happened at a certain Assemblies of God Church but for the fact that the attackers encountered some policemen on their way to the church which led to the sudden loss of life of a policeman and a motorcycle rider. If they had succeeded, maybe Obiano would have told anyone who cares to listen that it was two Onitsha indigenes living in Somalia who brought their drug war to the church and massacred worshipers. PHEW!  May God help us.

- Chijioke Joshua Okwudili
   Enugu Media Team
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