I write today with a heavy heart,  a pained soul,  and a perplexed mind.  My attitude is characteristic of my person. Humanists the world over are embittered by recurrent extermination of humans. The brutal killing that took place in a Catholic Church situated in Ozubulu,  Anambra State,  Biafraland, changed WORSHIP OF GOD to MOURNING OF THE DEAD.  I feel pained that Biafrans have continued to register more martyrs, their non-violent disposition notwithstanding.  It makes one wonder whether the Government of Nigeria  and international communities are in connivance to punish  a people for no other reason other than their agitating for what pertains to their RIGHT.  Esteemed readers,  I will regress to this unacceptable role played by the international communities presently after taking us through the gory incident.

In the early hours of Sunday,  August 6, 2017, Catholics who had assembled in a Catholic Church situated in Ozubulu,  Anambra State,  had no premonition that praising and worshiping the Almighty God would become the reason behind wailings and eventual OBSEQUIES.  Several accounts have been proferred for the massacre of innocent and unsuspecting votive in God's Temple,  but certain indices have made me settle for one account.  Let us juxtapose the accounts and see which makes sense,  using the MODE and PATTERN deployed by the killers.  

The Government of Anambra and the Anambra Police speedily came up with something they called the CAUSE of the massacre.  For them,  trouble started when two (2) brothers, one of whom built the Church,  fell out with each other.  The crises spiralled out of control and led to one of the estranged brothers promising he would kill the other.  Some thugs were sent to the effected Church on the suspicion that the target was worshiping there.  

(1) Both the State Government and the Police should tell us why it took them just two (2) hours to uncover the cause of this massacre.

(2) They should tell us where in the  "South-East" and "South-South" that such mass killing of people has taken place before. 

(3) They should tell us when our thugs and other invalids started shooting at innocent people in the head and,  worse still,  in a Church.  

(4) The Governor of Anambra,  Willie Obiano,  and the Commissioner of Police should tell  us why we should not suspect them.  We ask because if it took them just two (2) hours to uncover the cause of the killing, we are left with no other option than to conclude that they knew about it. 

(5) Since it is very hard for the duo to exculpate themselves from the foreknowledge of the pogrom,  going by the incredible speed with which the cause was uncovered,  we hereby accuse them of aiding and abetting this bloodbath.  

Another account, one handed down to us by an escapee,  a lady that saw it all and was able to scale the Church fense,  is more convincing and veracious.  According to the unidentified narrator, a car was driven into the Church premises,  but was parked at the entrance as if it had broken down.  The driver, according to the eyewitness, got out of it and some men in military uniform, armed to the teeth and gun-totting joined the fray.  Our eyewitness,  sensing danger,  made for the fence and,  while at it,  heard gunshots. She could not tell what happened next,  since she had escaped and was unable to reach her brethren at the service.  

(1) The gestapo style of the invasion and brutal  killing bespeak the invasion of Biafraland by haters of Biafrans. 

(2) The camouflage worn by these bloody killers makes one suspect Boko Haram, since this eyewitness account has it that they were clad in military uniform.  

(3) The fact that a Church was attacked by these bloodletting fellows suffices to make us conclude it was a JIHAD, not an assassination attempt. 

(4) The fact that these killers were masked and that they shot at worshipers in a Church typify the Fulani/Hausa jihadists,  not assassins as hurriedly concluded by Anambra Government and the Police. 

(5) The number of unarmed lives taken by these killers erases the likelihood of assassination attempt and shows that both the Government of Anambra and the State Police had foreknowledge of it and had already prepared to defend it. 

This is not the first time that Biafrans in Anambra State have been brutally killed under Governor Willie Obiano's watch.  This governor has proved time and again that his mien, antics,  and administrative policies fan the embers of wanton destruction of lives in his wild bid to extend his tenure. In 2015, scores  of soul-less Biafrans were descried floating in a river. It is lugubrious that more lives have been taken in the most brutal of ways.  How many more pints of innocent blood does Obiano want?  Is this some subtle ritual or what?  The Police Commissioner, working in connivance with this bloodsucking Gov. Willie Obiano,  should take us through the process(es) that led to the most SPEEDY UNCOVERING of the cause of this bloodbath.  Who informed them?  How reliable is their informant?  When were they informed? 

Going by the timeous response and conclusion by both the government and police, one can say they knew about it.  Now,  if they knew about it and did nothing,  then they are part of it. The hurry shown by the compromised government and police is suspicious and bespeaks lack of tact on their part.  It is very clear that it is easy to tell a lie, but very difficult to make it persuasively effective.  The brutal and militarised mode of this attack dismisses every attempt to exclude religious war. Willie Obiano and his cohorts should try harder.  

Nigeria is a member of the United Nations (UN), Islamic Nations - thanks to Buhari - and Economic Committee of West Africa (ECOWAS), amongst others.  It is disheartening that these communities have done little or nothing to wade into the seemingly intractable extermination of the lives of innocent humans in Nigeria.  The agitation for Biafra remains a national issue that should give these external communities concern. Are these international unions not bound by the need to protect lives and interests of their members anymore? Innocent lives have been taken by the Government of Nigeria since 2015, with no strong enough condemnation from these communities.  Biafrans in the East have become the direct targets since the reinvigorated agitation for Biafra took off. Are the US,  Russia,  NATO,  UN,  and ECOWAS waiting for every Biafra agitator and innocent Nigerian to die before a decisive action is taken?  The needed  disquiet by these international communities should come now.  May the souls of all the Biafra and misgoverning and oppressive Nigeria's martyr rest in the bosom of the Most High God.  Amen.  May the Almighty God, Who vengeance is for, avenge these brutal killings in Jesus's name.  Amen.  

Nigeria,  we reject thee
Biafra,  we long for thee. 

Russell Idatoru Bluejack writes with deep pains from Port Harcourt.  

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