You were told that your people (Biafrans) lived happily on their own for thousands of years before the British came and forcefully amalgamated your people (Biafrans) with some blood sucking demons (Arewas) who have continuously killed and held your people (Biafrans) captive from the time of the fraudulent amalgamation and you are still bold enough to proclaim and advocate for one Nigeria. How foolish are you?

After the contraption called Nigeria gained independence from her slave masters, the Britain, in 1960, your forefathers rejected the geographical space called Nigeria seven years later and declared the nation of Biafra which angered the blood suckers and made them to orchestrate a pogrom against your people with the help of their British masters and their allies which claimed not less than 3.5 million lives of innocent Biafrans and nothing has been done to appease the spirit of the innocent souls till date. Yet you still say one nigeria. How foolish are you?

In their wisdom, Ojukwu and Philip Effiong surrendered knowing fully well that a day will come when you and I will grow up to restore Biafra because he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day. And you are there shouting one Nigeria instead of joining me to restore our lost glory and pride, Biafra. How foolish are you?

Biafrans have lived in pains and anguish, gnashing their teeth praying that Chukwuabiama will deliver them from the bondage of they are subjected to in Nigeria. And now Chukwuabiama(God Almighty) in His infinite mercy has sent His anointed son, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu through whom He will restore Biafra.

Nnamdi Kanu has suffered undescribable inhumane treatments from the demons and yet has remained resolute in the course he has come to achieve. Signs have followed him to show that Chukwuabiama is indeed with him and in your foolishness you still shout one Nigeria. How foolish are you?

For the stubborn Biafrans still living in the North, come back to Biafra land now where your safety is guaranteed. Lest you say had I known. Remember, there's no repentance in the grave.

It has been signed and sealed that there will be no more Nigeria fraudulent elections in Biafra land starting with Anambra on November 18, 2017, until a date for referendum for Biafra is fixed. And for you fools, doubters and enemies of Biafra, I assure you that Biafra will come sooner than you expected.

Long live Mazi Nnamdi Kanu!
Long live good Biafrans and all the good people working for Biafra restoration!!
Long live Biafra!!!

 - Sunday Nwachukwu
     Enugu Media Team

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