By Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The clamour for a one restructured Nigeria, received a heavy blow, as the bill supporting restructuring (resource control) was outrightly thrown into the garbage bin by the Nigerian senate.
The senators, especially of northern extraction voted overwhelmingly against the devolution of powers that would have moved some items from the bloated executive list the 1999 Constitution to the concurrent list, which would have given more powers to the state.

In order to ensure that the land use act was retained in the constitution, it was disclosed that there was intense lobbying from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, particularly by senators from the northern region, who were of the view that the bill amounted to resource control.This shows you that restructuring will never work; it is just a ploy to hoodwink the gullible Nigerians. The northerners were the people who opted for restructuring against Biafra's referendum, but now they rejected restructuring because they think it will create room for resource control thereby making the north poorer as they have little or no resources to manage, so they out rightly voted against restructuring.

A source has it that a senator said, "it is resource control sneaking through the back door. Northern senators mobilized heavily against it last night. They were calling around and was able to convince many, probably from the less endowed states that it would be a disadvantage."If you delete the land use act and remove the powers of the federal government over land, it would be easy for the south-south states that have been at the forefront for the control of their oil resources to achieve it" The source explained.

Now comes the big question. Does it mean that Nigeria can't develop without oil? What is it the northerners are gaining from the seat of power that has made it extremely hard for them to let it go? The world is gradually shifting from crude oil to other renewable and biodegradable resource yet the backward Nigerian politicians are still blind to be solely dependent on oil money to line their pockets, instead of devising means to grow her economy.

Restructuring was defeated as always, because the northern majority, who has oil wells in the South-south, will never support the bill, to let them feed fat on oil money.Some people will now understand the reason for the agitation and the request for a date for the referendum. Some part of this contraption feel it's their right to control everything because they have as many states as they want so they use it to vote against anything that won't favour them and is against their born to rule mentality.

Where is Nnia Nwodo/Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, now that restructuring had failed? A few weeks ago in a press statement released the elite social club of Igbo extraction aka Ohanaze, where they said they were going for a one restructured Nigeria unless restructuring doesn't work. These are the words of the absolutely hungry Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, who must have collected peanuts from the northern politicians. Shame on them, for making the world know that they don't have the interest of Igbo speaking Biafrans at heart. Go to the north, they are solidly behind the quit notice given to Ndi Igbo, even when it’s pure treason.

Ohaneze disowned the young and old Biafrans agitating for their freedom and rights as indigenous people. In turn, the IPOB disowned the hungry social club of political illiterates headed by a hungry Nnia Nwodo, who has been trying to feed from the leftovers of Hausa/Fulani's table. It's a shame they have Igbo attached to their useless name, but a thing of joy that IPOB is here to help Biafrans gain their freedom.

Ohaneze Ndi Igbo is as fake as any fairy tale because Igbo 'enweghi eze'. Reacting to the devolution of the restructuring bill, Ohaneze said: "any action whether legislative or executive in this country today that is not programmed to respond to the yearnings of the populace will amount to futility ".
This is not the first time they are saying this. Who are they making this complaint to? Who will listen to them? When looking into their speech, it means Biafra's freedom is overdue and should be granted immediately, because the yearnings of the Biafran people is to be free from the monstrous British contraption called Nigeria.

Restructuring has been defeated, Nigeria and Nigerians who were barking and ranting like mad dogs in chains should now tell me the basis of being one Nigeria.

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