Author:      Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
Editor:         Ugochinyere Onyechere 

It was a bloody Sunday,  on the 6th day of August 2017, as the whole of Biafra land were thrown into mourning, following the invasion of St Phillips Catholic Church in Ozubulu, a town in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State by some undisclosed gunmen. 

The gunmen who invaded the Church during the procession of their morning mass went on a rampage by opening fire on the worshipers living 50 dead at the spot while many who were severely injured are still battling with their lives.

Hours after the incident, the murderous governor of Anambra state Willie Obiano in collaboration with the state commissioner of police stormed the venue, which gave birth to the junks and lies presented as an investigative report that further stated that the gunmen behind the attack were drug Lords in South Africa, now my question to the commissioner of police is, if there is/was any possibility for them to have investigated  such incident within hours and not days to come up with such reports? This I Because the investigative reports presented is the greatest joke of the 21th century. It has never happened anywhere in the world that such case involved with the destruction of lives were investigated and a few hours later the investigations were concluded. it is only in the zoo called Nigeria that such has ever happened; because they do not value human lives.

Biafrans do not take human lives for granted.  We are civilized people, with values and integrity for mankind. We know how best to handle disputes with our brethren. Going into a place of worship to massacre innocent worshipers is a taboo that no one Biafran can ever think of doing. We believe that human being is the beauty of lives, so no one has any right to end a life span. 

The report by Commissioner of Police Anambra State is fake and a direct attack on the Biafrans in general. It is an avenue of accusing Ndi Igbo of being drug barons by the commissioner of police whereas,  the highest drug barons in Nigeria are the Hausa Fulani people. The commissioner of police and Willie Obiano must account for the massacre of our people in Ozubulu; they cannot deceive us with their useless investigations. 

Meanwhile, it's high time Biafrans arises for the defense of our land before we all die in the hands of these terrorist Hausa Fulani. Mind you, if you are waiting for your governors and the Nigeria security agencies to take the responsibilities of your safety, I think you should consider yourself a fool because the so called governors and security agencies are servants of the Hausa Fulani people. 

Let's not forget the massacre at Nimbo, Uzo Uwani in Enugu State, what were the reactions of those governors and security agencies?  How best have they tried to give a high profile of assurance that the perpetrators will be brought to book? Till date no one has been held accountable, rather the case has been swept under the carpet. This is a clear evidence that the so called governors and security agencies cannot protect the lives and properties of the citizens, then you are on your own.

For how long shall we sit down and watch our fathers,  mothers, and children massacred in cold blood? The massacre of our people in our land is an abomination, the time for all Biafra youths to rise up and defend our mother land is now or never because the killing has exceeded the endurance limit. If our fathers who fought the war were silent like the present Biafrans I doubt the possibilities of seeing the light of this day. our fathers fought like brave warriors and we must follow their footsteps because a lion can never give birth to a sheep. 

We must prove beyond every reasonable doubt that we are not cowards neither are we afraid of shedding the blood of our enemies. If they think they are better off shedding blood, we also must let them feel the pain. 

Arise oh Biafrans, arise oh warriors of our beloved mother land, arise and defend our lives before we all perish, arise and protect our heart, from all our foes, arise for they have stormed our land in war formats, defending mother land is our dedication, arise for our blood has been shed enough, arise let us fight without a shred of fear, arise for we shall emerge triumphant from this ordeal, arise for our trumpets shall peel the glorious songs of victory.

For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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