For some time now, I have been wondering why  our elders in the old eastern region of the ZOO called Nigeria are campaigning for one Nigeria.

The Ohaneze Ndi Igbo(ONI) in the East and the Ijaw Youth Congress (IYC) that talks about resource control in the south are two of such canvassing for restructuring. 

Going deeper into this their campaign for one Nigeria, I discovered that the more they campaign for one Nigeria, the more the so-called Nigeria divided them into pieces (from the old Eastern Region that united them as a people to South-South, South-East, Niger Delta, the Igbo, the Ijaw and so on). Yet, the slave masters in the North with all these units they have created with in us, still maintain the leadership co-ordinators for one Nigeria call. 

One Nigeria is a slogan that has brought sorrows, suffering and pains - a slogan without any benefit for these regions. 

But the North and the West are busy building a throne of unity for themselves under one slogan: AREWA in the North and ODUA or ODUDUWA in the  West. The intent is to confuse the pseudo nation called Nigeria.  Why? 

The questions that these elders from the old Eastern Region must answer us  to are as follows:

Why have the federal roads in the whole Eastern Region been abandoned?

Why has the 2nd Niger Bridge not been constructed?

What has happened to the 2014 National Conference Report?

Why are our brothers and sisters in the riverine areas of BIAFRA land drinking the same water they pass their faeces into and also  bury their dead ones due to dearth of land?

Why is the oil in Bayelsa and Delta States now belonging to Jigawa?

Why is the North controlling 89% of oil blocks in Biafra land? 

Why do they label us militants and and send Boko Haram, a terrorist group,  in military uniform to us in BIAFRA land to harass, intimidate, rep and kill our people? 

You can go to Ogbogbanne in Burutu L.G.A of Delta State and see for yourselves the way our people in that area are treated as militants by the ZOO army in the name of looking for militants that killed their colleagues. Our people over there raise their hands as they boat out and in, their bags are searched. Failure to do that incurs serious punishment.

Nwodo and Edwin Clark, do you know that the positions of our women in SHELL I.A. (Industrial Area) in Igweocha BIAFRA land which they now call Port Harcourt, is to serve tea to SHELL staff Hausa/Fulanis and their Yoruba counterparts, and that our women are being molested in those offices they render such services as the slaves you old men have turned them to?

Do you know that our men are not left behind in this slavery services? Their own job is to drive those  (the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba people ) who our women are serving tea in their offices. They are also useful for grass cutting job. Hmmm!  What a pathetic situations we find ourselves here in the name of ONE Nigeria!

And today those of you (EDWIN CLARK and others) that saw the hellish treatment and genocide meted out to our people in Biafraland during BIAFRA VS NIGERIA WAR in 1967-1970 are now calling for the arrest of your SON NNAMDI KANU, because he has refused to accept a SLAVE JOBS (a campaign for one Nigeria) which you, Pa Edwin Clark, Chief Nwodo, Uwazuruike, OBIANO, Ugwuanyi and Okorocha have accepted in your bid to further enslave and Islamize us. Is it not shameful? 

Now, let me quickly ask you this question before you begin to lie to us; after all, lier Muhammed is your minister of misinformation in your one Nigeria that you're campaigning for.

Why is it that any time Biafrans are killed, you keep mute or you tell the world that such a thing never happened?(Amnesty report)

Regarding the IPOB members massacred in Anambra,(Nkpo) Aba, and Igweocha,  even our brothers and sisters that are being killed every day in OGONI LAND, what are your report to the world leaders? Or you oblivious of these daylight killings? 

Why is it that anytime your SLAVE campaign job allowances /payments are delayed or no longer coming, you start calling for resource control, Niger Delta Republic and negotiations for Nigeria unity and so on, but when paid, you go back to your bedroom?

One thing I want to let all of you who are calling for the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu to know is this:

Nnamdi Kanu is not in England. You do not need to say anytime he comes back that he will be arrested  neither is he in the Creek that Boko Haram in military uniform should go in search of him nor underground that they should wait until he surfaces before arresting him. Nnamdi Kanu  is in Umuahia, BIAFRA land.  He is not in a hideout.

We, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) worldwide, are ever ready for his (Nnamdi Kanu's ) arrest to be carried out by the ZOO government. We are waiting for them to come do that they will realize that we are were well prepared before coming out for Biafra restoration.

Biafrans should henceforth prepare their minds for what is to come because a call for ONE NIGERIA is a call for SLAVERY in Biafraland. 

It is high time all hands home and abroad are  on deck to give total support to our supreme leader, Mazi  Nnamdi  Kanu, to see that this dangerous SLAVE campaign for one Nigeria against us is destroyed so that, in the end, we shall give Chiukwu Okike praise for His deliverance. All hail Biafra!     
- Danny West 
  Abia Media Team
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