By Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) is one of a kind. His bravery, courage and ability even before the enemies are strange. He has as well imparted these special qualities into the IPOB faithfuls. This was displayed as IPOB converged at Ekwulobia Anambra state, on Sunday 20th August 2017, to once again show their resolve towards the restoration of Biafra.

On the Wednesday 16th of August 2017, some IPOB members who gathered at Ekwulobia, to welcome the amiable leader, were dispatched by the joint military men of army and police from Aguata command. The armless and peaceful protesters which had aged men and women with little children among them were shot at, although no life was lost, many people sustained injuries. Their podium, Biafran flags and some other Biafran paraphernalia were destroyed by the Nigerian military, just to exercise their wickedness and their trigger-happy nature.

The woeful actions of the Nigerian military at Ekwulobia, against IPOB members led to the IPOB leader ordering all and sundry who are sympathizers of Biafra, and the lovers of freedom all over Biafraland to assemble at Ekwulobia, to show their resolve and ownership of Anambra, Biafraland. All road led to Ekwulobia, as IPOB members from all over different states in Biafraland; Abia, Anambra, Bayelsa, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu and some Biafrans from Kogi and other places made it to Anambra state, Ekwulobia to be precise just to honour their leaders call.

The men of the Nigerian military both police and army were present and also tried dispatching the people, they shut the gate to the Ekwulobia stadium which was the proposed venue of the event, but every of their efforts to disorganize agitators this time proved abortive, as IPOB members in their doggedness broke the gate which was seen as at that point in time the 'gate of hell'. Remember the bible verse that says, "the people of the most high are marching forward and the gate of hell shall not prevail".

At the top of the hour 12 o'clock, the supreme leader of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB, was already in Anambra state, as his vehicle was approaching the venue of the event, a heart rendering noise was heard, as the people in their millions were shouting on top of their voices hailing their ever courageous leader. A man was heard saying " it is better I lose heaven, than losing Biafra". The crowd waved in ecstasy and the leader waved back to them. I am sure he was amazed at the number of people that are loyal to him and honoured his invite. He alighted his vehicle and marched around as he addressed the mouthwatering crowd.

Even the Nigerian military men were bewildered at what they saw. They had no choice than to pick their phones and took shots and videos of Mazi Nnamdi " Onwagburugburu. He made several speeches but the one that got the attention of almost every body was this: "They (Nigeria military men) have been killing us, and nobody is saying anything about it. If I give this people gun, this country will not last up to 24hours.

This speech was coming as a morale booster to the IPOB members as they saw today that " igwe bu ike" (large number is might), and also as a warning to the Nigerian government and Obiano and his commissioner of police, Garba Umar in particular, who after their ranting about shooting any gathering of IPOB members, went "MIA"(missing in action). Nnamdi reiterated that there was not going to be any election in Anambra and Biafraland in entirety come November 18, 2017, and 2019 respectively, as Biafrans are going to boycott all of those elections unless a date for the referendum is given. He also debunked the falsehood propagated by Nigerian media that IPOB has shifted from their stand of the election boycott.

Nnamdi Kanu also paid a visit to the Catholic Reverend Father Emmanuel Obioma (father Ebube Muonso) who is a staunch Biafran sympathizer, before departing Anambra state.

Judging from the look of things, the elections in Anambra and Biafra land has already been boycotted as the masses composed various songs concerning Obiano and the forthcoming elections. One of the songs has its lyrics as " onye tuo vote o laa ugwu Hausa " whoever vote will be taken to Hausa land. Who wants to live forever in the arid and disease infested north or become a northerner, after tasting the milk and honey in the tropical rain forest, Biafra, which is the reason the Hausa-Fulani don't support our freedom from the British made contraption called Nigeria?

An interview was granted to a physically challenged man dressed in Biafra emblems, who was seen rejoicing with the crowd. He was asked why he came to honour the invite even in his pitiful condition, he said that he was a Biafran and by that nothing stops him from joining his fellows in the struggle. His words; "I am Chief Enyinnaya Nwakaibeya Mmadumere from Ibeku, Umuahia. I am the founder of the SOS (Save our soul) village for disabled, where we rehabilitate, train and equip the disabled.

" I came all the way from Umuahia, down to this place, to let the world know that we're peaceful people. IPOB members are not troublesome. We also want all and sundry to support the struggle because our quest is that of freedom. "It is not good that after graduating from the higher institutions of learning, our children won't have any works to do, they won't be employed. " There are no good roads, schools, hospitals or steady power supply here in Biafraland, but they use our wealth to develop the poor north while we're overlooked to suffer.

" There is 'ability in disability’. I am using this opportunity to let the world know that we are not the lazy Hausa type that will beg at every instance. We are Biafrans, we develop our potentials, we don't beg for anything, hence we are asking the northern part of this contraption to let us go so we can manage and harness our resources in our own way".

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