By Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
Journalism in Nigeria can't stand the taste of time because the Nigerian media are so hungry that they can propagate flimflams just to get their pocket lined without minding what becomes of the masses that consume this information.

The Nigerian media never propagate information with any gospel attached to it. They convey messages the way it favours the bourgeoisie because of the peanuts they get in return. With the way the Nigerian media have decided to ply their trade, corruption and un-development will see to the end of Nigeria, because the people who are in good positions to write against the crimes being perpetrated by public officials causing the masses great damages mentally and physically, overlook the treacherous acts of these corrupt officials because of the dime they get.

Tell me how the so-called country would develop where money meant for the all round development of the people is looted. And the Nigerian media seem to be forgetting that when the masses are fed with the gospel, they draw analysis to this information on their own, or even get knowledge from the analysis made by the journalists. When the masses find anybody wanting in their analysis, they attack the person, which will help cleanse the state of political thievery and criminals, which will in turn better the lives of the citizenry, including the so-called media practitioners. But the Nigerian media are so blinded with the bribe that they don't see the great opportunities buried in propagating the truth. They want to serve their slave masters with the peoples' resources.

It is only in Nigeria that journalists can claim to be reporting live, whereas they are in the comfort of their homes or offices. When an incident occurs, they don't care to dig deep to get more information about the occurrence, rather they wait for people to post on the social media before they can carry the news, and then create tension among the masses who will eventually absorb the false information the media spreads.

Recently, the IPOB faithfuls were given directives to boycott the 'punch' newspaper because of the lies they propagated during Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's visit to Owerri, still the Nigerian media without shame went further to spread more falsehood and called it news. In the meeting, the IPOB director had with some Igbo elders of a group known as Ala-Igbo foundation on 18th August 2017, at Owerri, where the group inquired to know the reason behind the "No referendum, no election" stand of the IPOB.

After the explanations and clarification from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, they learnt it was a collective communique of the indigenous people of Biafra, which was borne out of the Marginalization and suffering the Biafran people undergo in the contraption called Nigeria, created by the Caucasian imperial masters from Britain. The enlightenment the group got from Mazi Kanu didn't change the IPOB stand on Biafra land election boycott if a date for the referendum is not given. Nothing like changing the directives given about the November 18, gubernatorial election in Anambra state. But the Nigerian media came out to say that the leader of IPOB has accepted that there would be an election in Anambra state.

Now the question to be answered by the Nigerian media who said that IPOB has decided to take part in the forth-coming guber elections in Anambra state is; Has Nigeria given any date for the referendum since it is the only ground on which IPOB will not boycott the elections? Has Nigerian government changed anything by providing the masses with the basic amenities and ensuring the voice of the masses is heard? Has the government of Obiano resuscitated the armless Biafrans he massacred on countless occasions?

Has security been beefed up in Anambra state? Why should elections in Anambra not be boycotted?
Come what may, elections in Anambra-Biafraland must be boycotted unless a date for the referendum is given."NO REFERENDUM, NO ELECTION".
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