It is clear that Nigeria lacks investigative journalism and propagates unverifiable stories - stories that are inaccurate and incredible. It irritates me each time newspapers misinform the masses because it is the exact opposite of the basis for their establishment. 

Bad reportage causes more harm than good in our communities on daily basis. It is true that these unprofessional conducts enables these outlets to make so much money, but we all know that this sort of unacceptable operation of our print and audio-visual media puts the nation in a very bad light. 

There are consequences for an unbalanced report, yet these media outfits continue to divide the already divided nation more with their lies. The level of hatred excited by the lies spewing forth from these destructive activities of Nigeria's media is capable of exciting another civil war. The so-called media outfits in Nigeria do not do what is called investigative journalism.  For them, speed is more important than accuracy and etiquette. 

The St.  Philip's Catholic Church incident at Ozubulu,  Anambra,  is one story with different figures, which is not reliable and very destructive. They did not carry out a proper investigation to ascertain the authenticity of the information gathered before publishing,  or identify the hoodlums and particular people who were gunned down on that faithful day, at St. Philip's Catholic Church, Ozubulu, Ekwusigo Local Government Area,  Anambra State. 

In fact, Nigeria, as a country, has suffered political catastrophe and is known as an embodiment of corruption. For the moment, however, I will not speak on that issue until most of these horrible media outfits are shut down prior to the 2019 general election - that is if elections will hold.  Various print media reported the Ozubulu killing with different figure of casualties as follows:

The Guardian   : 47 killed
Vanguard         : 35 killed
The Telegraph : 19 killed 
Daily Sun          : 11 killed
Sunrise             : Over 100 killed.

If the Media in Nigeria Cannot give you a First class information, how else do you get it? Little wonder Nnamdi Kanu call them BROWN ENVELOPE MEDIA. We have to make these media outfits unmarketable.  They have all played destructive roles in the lawful agitation for self determinism.  They have all proven that the right of Nigerians mean little to them,  preferring instead pursuit of money. 

Jude Nebo.
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