Some gifts truly have more historic backgrounds than others. When we consider the dept and the symbol of the gift, an ordinary wine may become a symbolic generational gift given at the right time to the right person. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu drinks the full cup of Biafra’s restoration as unction drops from Mbakwe to younger generation, no devil in hell can stop the restoration of Biafra.

When we mention the names of hard core Biafrans, we speedily remember the likes of Ikemba Nnewi, Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, Corn. Achuzie but there were other great Biafran heroes that love Biafra with passion, men like Sam Mbakwe. Mbakwe served as an Administrator of Okigwe Province in the Republic of Biafra, during the 1967–70 Civil War.

As a politician, Mbakwe joined the Constituent Assembly in 1978 and became governor on 1 October of the following year. One of the main priorities of his administration was to improve Imo State's roads. He was re-elected, but his second term was interrupted by General Muhammadu Buhari's military coup of 31 December 1983, which brought about the end of the Second Republic. Described as "controversial," he said the following about politicians in September 1995: "If you have not been in prison before, that will be your baptism and qualification. You will learn from the prison yard that not all those in detention are criminals." 

Mbakwe earned the nickname "the weeping governor" for crying while trying to convince the federal government to pay more attention to his state; the first occasion of his famed tears was the Ndiegoro flood in Aba, which was then a part of Imo State. He had invited President Shehu Shagari to witness the destruction done by the floods, and it was said that he was moved to tears while conducting the president around the disaster area. His 6 January 2004 death in Avutu, Obowo Local Government Area, came after a sickness that had set on in February 2002 and occurred shortly after a state-sponsored trip to Germany for treatment.

Mbakwe was one of the greatest assets Biafrans had not minding the political situation he faced in his time, he work hard to make sure that Biafrans had the best of infrastructure and governance. The roads he constructed are still relevant today and cannot be compared to what we have after. He had standard plan for development until he was interrupted by Buhari. 
Do not ask me who sent Mbakwe to prison and who also sent Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to Prison, but Sam Mbakwe like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu knew what Nigerian prison is all about.

The bottle of wine must speak for itself today. Muhammadu Buhari stopped Mbakwe but at the right time Chiokike Abiama has raised a man who is equal to the task, the only man that went to the lion’s den and came out alive, and the man that stops the intruder, let him have the historic wine. 
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