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■ 03,August 2017 
Honestly, I must say that this unholy marriage between Biafra and Nigeria will never work, in the sense that the part of the region were the resources is coming from to sustain this corrupt entity known as Nigeria is subjected to bad roads and security checking point. Ever since the Biafra war ended and the Nigeria government promised the Reconstruction, Reconciliation, and Rehabilitation of Biafra land nor this has been done since 1970 till date. Obviously I must say that what we have here in Nigeria are political criminals, selfish and useless rulers who claimed they have the interest of people at heart but are the ones subjecting them to more hardship, just to enrich their pockets and that of their children aboard, who don't know the suffering and pains people pass through every day in the state been govern by their father. Most individuals in the world don't have an idea about the high rate of accidents happening in every federal and local road in Biafra land, due to bad roads and lack of drainage system nor do they know the kind of pressure and harassment motorists face every day, in the hands of Nigeria murderous security agents, who are now using every federal and local roads as their business center A.K.A checking point to extort money from motorists. Porthacourt -Aba Express road is now a death zone, which the so called politicians are using to reduce us in our numbers as part of their agreement with the sultan of Sokoto, not to construct any federal roads in Biafra land, because the believe subjecting us to bad roads will force us into accepting one Nigeria, but the fail woefully. Biafra land has been marginalized a lot in times of infrastructure, no motorable roads, every blessed day lives and goods worth millions of naira are been lost on this popular Porthacourt-Aba road as a result of dangerous road, both lanes is no longer motorable due to the big potholes on this routes, drivers who take risk of running these roads end up having accident or their car been damaged, sometimes they have to run through the Bush just to escape this bad roads and the murderous security checking points. As a result of bad roads in this states many producing companies are now leaving the state, because of the lost the encounter every day, the cannot deliver their goods to the nearest state because they are afraid that their trailer meant to end up falling on the road, sometimes this trailers or lorry loaded with drinks and foodstuffs do fall on mini-bus passing by, in the process of avoiding these potholes, mind you that Nigerian security agents contribute a lot to this accident happening on highway, by mounting roads block's and stopping trailer at high speed.
The annoying part, is that this is the states where the milk resources that the contraption called Nigeria is using to sustain itself as a corrupt entity, this states cannot boast of any better motorway, pedestrian bridge or even a drainage system, every federal and local road in this states are been flooded with water when ever it rains, go to the northern parts of Nigeria that contribute nothing to the economic growth of Nigeria their roads are well constructed by a high-quality company with good drainage system, double lane, street lights, pedestrian bridge and fly over every where, no security checking points like the ones we have here, but here in Porthacourt there is nothing good about their roads only accident and death, security agents shot motorist for refusing to give him hundred naira that all you hear on this roads every day. The governor of rivers state should stop deceiving the public by opening his flappy mouth on television and be telling them that he spent 90 billion in seventh months in construction of roads, Nysom Wike claimed he constructed obigbo roads, onne, eleme highways and many others, sir please go back to those roads you built and see the marvellous work your boys did, you gave touts shovels and headpans to mix one bag of cement with ten headpans of sand to fill potholes and you call that construction of roads or? Flagging off roads or when federal roads maintenance agencies "FRMA" is busy filling potholes with Grove stones there by creating accident and damages to vehicles running that line, you will say you, have constructed roads, why can't you award these roads to four construction companies, Wike should name one standard road he created ever since he toke over power?.
When it time for election they will use these roads as their champion promises but when elected they will use the same roads to steal from the state, and they will not work it to standard. Biafrans we must all join hands together and fight for the Restoration of Biafra as that is the only hope we have in constructing our roads to standard, failure to do so we will all die on this roads as a result of bad roads and accident because that is the wish of our governors who are making billions from this routes. #BIAFRA IS OUR HOPE TO A BETTER MOTORWAY # #SAY NO TO ELECTIONS IN BIAFRA LAND BECAUSE IT DEVILISH #

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