Author:        Eze Ferdinand Chijioke
Editor:           Lucky Chibundu

I have  No doubt Governor Willie  Obiano of Anambra state knows everything about the killings of innocent Biafrans in the church at Uzubulu  Anambra state. It is pertinent to note that Mr. Obiano who was not in the church came immediately after the incident and concluded that it was a drug conflict between two brothers of the said community.

Now my question is how does Governor Obiano get to be at the scene immediately it's happened? Secondly, How did he get to know it was a dispute orchestrated and connected to drug barons and between the two brothers living in South Africa without a proper and critical investigation? Thirdly, can Someone carry out an investigation of such dreaded crime within two hours?

The fact remains, Governor Willie Obiano knows everything about the terror attacks in Anambra at Uzubulu precisely but, he is diverting attentions and covering the whole issues up for his political interest. Willie Obiano is fully aware that if the public gets to know it was the Fulani herdsmen or Boko Haram they imported from the north, it will lead to a blood bath. Let it be known by Willie Obiano today that any further attack on Biafrans will be a total war between Us and anybody who is involved in the crime.

Moreover, we have to remember a prophetic message about this August massacre which one of our brothers gave, In his  prophetic message he said and i quote "There will be a kind of provocation that will trigger the Biafrans to retaliate and they will do something that will make the Nigeria Army and Air force to rain bullet on us and this will lead to immediate Actualization of Biafran Republic" And today it has happened and if care is not taking when the masses   find out what really happened and it's connected to Boko Haram then there will be a possibility for retaliation against the Hausa /Fulani that is living in Biafra land.

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