by Arinze chukwu (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The Nigerian government has never had any good intentions towards the people from Biafra. The major reason for the creation of Nigeria was to enslave a particular people, but it is quite unfortunate that some Biafrans still find it difficult understanding the almighty mess they have been subjected to.
Charlie Boy became my role model on June 28th, 2014 when an online report had it that Charlie Boy stopped Rocha's Okorocha from speaking during his father's burial ceremony at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Oguta, in Imo state. Charlie Boy picked the courage to withstand the evil politicians using his father's burial as an opportunity to campaign for his selfish interest.

But Charlie Boy misunderstood what Biafra could mean for him before taking the decision of one nigerianism. It is not wrong to be a Nigerian or to believe in one Nigeria but the question remains, what does Nigeria stand for? This alone can solve all the challenges facing our people. Many have fought for the unity of Nigeria but today they are nothing to write home about. Fighting for the unity of Nigeria means fighting your self because Nigeria means nothing in the first place.
Charlie Boy exercises his love for one Nigeria but all he got in return was tear gas and water cannon, shooting at his members who were not armed.

According to the information that reached the desk of the Abia writers and from a reliable source, several people were killed by pro-Buhari protesters who attacked the resume or resign protest led by Charly boy. The incident, according to eyewitnesses, happened when Charlie Boy was about leading other protesters with different placards in Wuse market in Abuja, on Tuesday at the continuation of the “resume or resign” protest. This lesson from Charlie Boy and others shall be an epitome of thought in the mind of all the indigenous people of Biafra to understand that Biafra is the only hope for them. Charlie Boy, come back home.

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