By Emmanuel kelechi Emma.
(Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
The Nigerian military has proven to the world that they are responsible for every killing of Biafrans from 1967 till date and that they are not regretting it.

It was reported on Sunday the 6th of August 2017, that unknown gunmen in military attire, and military vehicle invaded St Philips Catholic Church in Amakwa, Ozubulu in Ekwosigo local government in Anambra state, killing people who were worshipping their creator inside the church. The same church that the governor of Anambra state Willie Obiano went a few days ago and was disrupted is under attack now. It was reported that Obiano deployed military men to the state, the question still remains, is there any war in the state? Since the indigenous people of Biafra, declared "no election in the land", Obiano has been trying and using everything within his powers to keep his seat.

The Nigerian government and her military agents are working in tandem with the Fulani terrorist herdsmen, Boko haram and Arewa groups to terrorize Biafrans. How can a communal clash lead to killings of people in the church?

Nigeria is irredeemable because the people who were made to secure the lives and properties in the land, are the same people responsible for the killings in St. Philips in Ozubulu, and they are set to go free because they believe they have the power and they use it any how they want.

The people believed that the police will come out with the truth but to their greatest surprise, they said the police commissioner GARBA UMAR, in just two hours, closed the case which was not opened before, in order to defend their evil act, saying that he has concluded the investigation and came up with a drug deal; thinking that Biafrans are easy to deceive. The combination of investigation groups including FBI, CIA, BRITISH MI 5, AND THE ISREALI MOSSAD can never conclude this kind of investigation in just less than two hours.

We Biafrans must sit up and fight for this because allowing the so called security agents to deliver us from this mess is more like digging our grave by ourselves; to tell the truth, Nigerian military agents are no longer finding it funny with the "no election" and our activities towards our self determination, hence, publicly declared that they can never allow that to happen.

Forget about the Nigerian news, and the report of this so-called police and military, they can never tell you the truth. Biafra this is the time to restore your land. No going back.

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