Author:        Ekene Chukwu
Editor:          Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

Obiano how wicked can you be to your own people? Obiano why have you decided to bring tears to the eyes of the people you are supposed to govern?

willie obiano you have not only turned deaf ears to the suffering and plight of your people but you have intentionally and systematically increased our suffering just like that of the biblical pharaoh.

It is on record that Willie obiano the man who thoroughly rigged his way to becoming the governor of Anambra state is still the same man that has to be behind the killings and shootings of our people in Anambra.

 Obiano just because of his selfish satanic political
ambitions ordered the Nigerian zoo military to shoot and kill Biafrans on 30th of May 2016, Obiano because of his greed and love of money collided with the Hausa Fulani emirates to unleash terror on the innocent people of Ozubulu who he has failed to provide basic social amenities for, now today being 16th August 2017 Obiano has again done what he knows how to do best by ordering the military to shoot at peaceful Biafrans which has left about 6 killed and many wounded.

For those who are unaware, Willie Obiano is now a terrorist terrorizing his own people. Obiano's administration has recorded the highest death rate of the people of Anambra all of which he is totally responsible for. Obiano has succeeded in tactfully creating widows, widowers, rendering parents childless and killing even children and women. Obiano the good people of Anambra will remember you as the one who specializes and derives joy in the killing of his own kinsmen for the pleasure of his northern masters.

You failed to provide basic amenities for us, you failed to give us good roads, you failed to give us quality education, you failed to provide us with standard hospitals where we can receive good health care and you did not ultimately fail to give provide security for us but you order the security outfits to kill us.

I hereby urge all Biafrans to remember that power belongs to the people and even though obiano has chosen to use his political powers to kill us his people we can as well use our power as a people to remove him by not voting.

We shall no longer vote again in Biafraland till Biafra is restored and whoever is seen voting or participating in party/election activities is an enemy of the people of Biafra.

We are wiser and stronger than you Obiano.

Publisher: Prince Richmond C. Amadi
For Umuchiukwu Writers


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