Author:         Ogochukwu Joseph
Editor:          Ugochinyere Onyechere

The political ambition of Willie Obiano unimaginable; this has led him into jeopardizing the lives of Biafrans just to gain the favor of Hausa Fulani People.

The motive of bringing up the following information is to enable us to know the secret games of the traitor Willie Mmaduabuchukwu Obiano and Obi of Onicha Achebe against Biafrans at large. We should recall that since this stone hearted Obino emerged into power as the governor of Anambra State, not less than 150 innocent Biafran youths, men and women have been murdered just to please his Northern slave masters.

Ekwulobia Survivors' Testimonial 

We must not fail to remind him Obiano and Achebe that the evil fruit which was planted by them has grown to kill and murder our people. Isn’t it obvious and hard to believe that among all the States in Biafra land Anambra was the first place to welcome Boko-Haram prisoners at Ekwulobia prison? From that day onwards, Obiano and his Hausa Fulani political god-fathers have been heavily equipping them with the aim to kill Biafrans.

To be more realistic, let’s take our minds back to the ugly pictures; 2nd December 2015 Biafrans were murdered right inside a church during the mid hours of the night at Nkpo Anambra during their night vigil. More than 70 people were killed while more were seriously injured and incapacitated. Obiano shamelessly stated that he traveled to London before the incident and that when he Obiano asked the Commissioner of Police, he was told that there were no casualties in the state.

Secondly, On the 6th day of August 2017, our people were murdered also inside the Church; 15 people were confirmed dead while 21 injured at St Philip Catholic Church OZUBULU and the same OBIANO proudly came out before three complete hours from the time of the attack, in collaboration with Anambra State Commissioner of Police with a fake investigation reports which stated that the attack was as a result of conflicts between two drug lords in Anambra state.

Also, on the 13th day of August 2017, a similar story emerged; gunmen invaded Assemblies of God Church, leaving dead a civilian and a police man all in Anambra state.

Sentimental and ignorance eluding some people has pushed me to ask questions like; Why should such tragedies occur right inside the church? If Obiano cannot protect the lives of his citizens, who else will he protect?  Despite all the heavy presence of security agencies in Biafra land, why is it that the perpetrators of these crimes are walking free today instead of going through prosecutions?

According to the investigation from Willie Obiano, the suspect is walking like a king and a hero. Willie Obiano is playing with the lives of Biafrans in pursuit of his political career. This is our golden opportunity to put a stop to such; your power is your safety, come election is of no use since our safety is not guaranteed. All we ask of is Biafra Referendum, or there will be no election in Biafra Land.

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