Written by: Bright Oriaku
Biafra Media
The time has come to put to an end to the tyranny and inhuman practices being meted on innocent Biafrans by Nigerian security forces. Something very urgent must be done to stop the molestation, intimidation and extortion from the Nigerian security forces. Security is important when we defend ourselves, let the Police and Army be our own, these devils in uniform all over Biafra land are total strangers and they treat us as enemies. When security agents work as enemies everybody is forced to live in fear and torment. 

War was secretly declared on Biafra and the special squad of tyrants deployed all over Biafra land with death in their eyes is dangerous to the innocent peace loving people of Biafra. Apart from the earlier torments and torture from Nigeria Police and Army, they took a new dimension recently surrounding Biafra land with armored cars positioned for genocide. With the trend of events, it is clear that Nigerian Police and Army are on a dangerous mission in Biafra land. 

As Biafrans who have been living in this contraption called Nigeria, we know one thing – that wickedness is real, oppression is real also but more real to us is the fact that we are entitled to our fundamental human right to live and to pursue our God given dreams and aspirations to fulfill the essence of our being which has been grossly abused in Nigeria. 
It is normal in Nigeria to suppress those fundamental human rights and with the anti human government in power, politicians take laws into their own hands and in their kind of democratic setting they are feared like devils. 
The Nigerian society is one that pursuing a lawful course is to swim against the tide because the country has been built upon injustice. The government and those who are rich in stealing public fund are so influential that the judiciary has lost its credibility. This gave birth to the slogan that says, if you cannot beat them you join them and those in public offices are sunk in dingy philosophy.

To lock people up in the Police cell and throw the keys into the ocean have not been empty words, they are real life experiences that if it is investigated, the world would be shocked that the Nigerian prison yards is another world not known in history. 
You will be shocked that sometimes individuals are taken away without any arrest warrant and without family members knowing how they were taken away, such individuals could spend the rest of their lives in Police custody and prison yards without trials but these same security forces do not show up in the face of crime. 

The prison yards have been so populated with innocent individuals whose case files have not been created. It is no longer news how Biafrans are being arrested secretly on daily basis dumped in prisons and police cells without trials. Having jam-packed the prison yards with innocent Biafrans who they secretly abducted without trials, they killed scores of others and dumped them in rivers and shallow graves and it looks like their cruelty is not enough they went ahead to give a special training to a special squad of deadly soldiers and deployed them to surround Biafra land. 
Why should Biafrans live in fear of genocide when we have all it takes to defend ourselves? The international community should be aware that Nigeria pose for war in Biafra land and the peace loving Biafrans have in all these not retaliated. 

The Indigenous People of Biafra as being led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have not violated any law and have been peaceful in seeking the freedom of Biafra. Instead of Nigerian government engage in dialogue and debates and at the end fix the date for a referendum, the Hausa Fulani led government not only threatened war on Biafra but they have in all ramifications treated Biafra as a war zone. We are now living in war front on daily basis with their hatred and tyranny we are far from being safe in their hands. 

Let it be known that we Biafrans can defend ourselves. The war being declared on Biafra can be avoided if the international community could rise up to the occasion to avert a repeat of the 1967 genocide committed against Biafra. 

God Bless Biafra.

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