Music is a fundamental channel of communication that provides a means by which people can share emotions, intentions and meanings even though their spoken languages may be mutually incomprehensible.

Music can also provide a vital lifeline to human interaction. It can exert powerful physical effects which can produce deep and profound emotions within the listeners and can be used to generate infinitely subtle variations of expressiveness.

History is full of the use of music as a means of creating environments of the mind and soul for good purposes and to control and manipulate the psyche of the people so therefore we in Biafra Music have designed our Record Lebel to be useful to those who wants to use Music and preach the gospel of Biafra Restoration.

Base on the above stated mission, we are set to lunch our first Maiden Album titled "MOTHER LAND" by Mr Obong Daniel Obot  Popularly known as Subscribe an Akwaibom Born Biafran Based in Igweocha Biafra land.

The album which is made up of seven(7) tracks is designed to reiterate his love for his Mother land Biafra, to tell the world the need to grant Biafrans their freedom and to remember Biafrans who they truly are.

Speaking to us, the crooner who showed his passion for the struggle said "We need to take over our music industry, Biafrans need to prove what they are made up of, if we don't do it by ourselves who else will do it for us? He questioned.

Speaking on his commitment to the struggle of Biafra Restoration he said "i joined this Label to make sure that all Biafra related Freedom songs are given well deserved publicity and spread all over the world, we must take over our music industry"

The singer who spoke bitterly on the low progress being recorded on the promotion of musics done by Biafrans said "we need to promote every musics done by Biafrans for the sake of this struggle to restore Biafra, the media blackout our musicians are witnessing is not interesting, we need to publicize every Biafra freedom song we come across, I'm looking forward to hear the tracks on Radio Biafra" he stated

Biafra Music is a newly created Record Lebel lucratively Designed to skyrocket the gospel of Biafra restoration to the ends of the world with Music, our arms are widely open to welcome new members who have the intention of recording a song for Biafra but lacks idea on how to make their dreams become a reality.

Biafra Music Reps are all across Biafra Land and are ready to engage anybody who deems it fit to join us.

Name: Obong Daniel Davidson(subscribe)
STATE: Akwaibom State Biafra land
ALBUM TITLE: motherland
RECORD LABEL: Biafra music

  • Motherland
  • My logo is freedom
  • Defend your potential
  • The apple of your eyes
  • Celebrity
  • Heroes and heroins
  • They don't understand.

Help promote this struggle of Biafra restoration with anything you can, like our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu would say "Do anything you can to restore Biafra don't wait for anybody".

If we don't do it nobody will do it for us, if another person does it they may prejudice it to favour them or they won't do it the way it will satisfy us.

Biafra Restoration under Nnamdi Kanu is unstoppable and we must do everything to keep the tempo high until Biafra is restored and beyond.

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  1. All hail biafra...... We should not allow hausa/fulani to divide us!!! Pls where can we download the music