Scene of the incident where Charley Boy was fired teargase together with others during a peaceful protest, demanding for President Mohammedu Buhari to resume work or resign since his absence as president for medicals in London exceeded 90 days as been enshrined by Nigeria constitution for a president to stay off duty, mainly when incapacitated. 

Author:       Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
Editor:        Onyechere Ugochinyere 

Who else would like to try our resolve?  My word of advice to you, my brother/sister,  before you do,  go and ask the zoo run away president, Muhammadu Buhari to share his own experience with you. In fact, If possible, ask Abdullahi Chiranchi, the Kano State DSS boss, who publicly manhandled Kanu in 2015 and who is now six feet under. Or rather go and ask our efuluefu (worthless) son, Charlie Boy who was recently assaulted by the zoo police. Remember, this same Charlie had because of some peanuts offered to him by the zoo government denied his identity as a Biafran. His forefathers must be watching him from the spirit world and they must be very proud of their son who has lost his way. Kakakakaka...kiki...kokoko...let me laugh small in Latin before I continue!

Please, where was I again, guys?  Ahem...still yapping about the "Ofeke" Charlie Boy... How funny it sounds to me that only one canister of tear gas was fired at Charlie boy (nwatakiri) at an open place and he slumped like a baby and almost gave up the ghost. Luckily for him, people were around to revive him on time, else, it would have been a different story. 

Now, imagine what The Ohamadike went through in the zoo prison custody just for what he believes in, just for the liberation of his people. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, during his detention, had received tens of canisters fired simultaneously inside his prison cell during a prison break de zoo DSS and agents of darkness had staged, at different occasions. The zoo DSS had planned it in such a way that if he tried to escape amidst this horrible assault and human suffocation, they would intentionally gun him down. But trust the Ohamadike, for he had remained where he was and never made a move because he is smarter and always thinks ten steps ahead of these Baboons and Monkeys living in the zoo all put together. The spirit of Biafra always conquers. That spirit is with Mazi Kanu. Chi ukwu okike abiama always got his back. 

Now back to Charlie boy, Mr. Boy how market? Look at you boy! The same zoo government you spoke in favor of yesterday has humiliated you publicly today. What a pity! Know it today, that any fool who speaks against BIAFRA usually ends up in disgrace, because Biafra is a spirit which can never be defeated. What will be your only saving grace now, dear Charlie is to turn back and follow the “right path” which is “Biafra,” else, you will lose your soul to the devil. I now rest my case.

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