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Members of the various state executives of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) operating in South Western Nigeria were on Saturday 4th of August, 2017 called to a meeting with the African Representative, George Onyibe. The meeting became imperative in order to discourse the challenges in our various theatre of operations and to collectively proffer the best possible solutions when confronted by these obstacles.

The meeting which was the first of its kind to many newly inaugurated state coordinators was done in a highly classified facility located within Lagos. The meeting started with a live radio relay session via Radio Biafra London with members of the various State cabinet taking turns in a random manner to pledge allegiance to the Biafran restoration quest under the supreme leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and as well send message of goodwill to listening Biafrans all over the world.

The meeting started proper at about 22:25 GMT with an opening prayer conducted by Mazi Chukwuma Nwankwo, the South West Nigeria National Coordinator, who by way of the Holy Spirit invoked the presence of Chukwu Okike Abiama into the gathering.

The Biafran anthem was recited between 22:26 GMT to 22:34 GMT and it was immediately followed by the introduction of personnel operating outside Lagos State. IPOB Representative for Africa, Mazi George Onyema Onyeibe took the floor after an eloquent and grand introduction by the National Coordinator. Mazi George Onyeibe warmly welcomed all participating personnel present and commended the National Coordinator for a job well done, describing him as "one of those that set the standard that we follow today". He also commended him for being among the few early pioneers of the struggle who have continued to remain resolute. Mazi Onyeibe equally commended the new administration in Lagos State under the leadership of Mazi Maduabuchi John Paul Orji. He pointed out that a lot is being done by the State and one of which is the 70% sponsorship of the Edo convention but expressed regret that little or nothing is been said about it.

The IPOB African Representative attributed this problem to be as a result of insufficient report by the media department in Lagos State. He admonished the media head in Lagos to do more than he is currently doing in order to bring Lagos State to international attention.

He instructed that all hands must be on deck in order to re-energise the system. He stated that the Media department should do away with her persistent complaints of not having any tools to work with. He stated the need to improvise, citing himself and his effort with Igweocha media department as a perfect example of the effects of improvisation. He admonished media operatives to make do of the little they have to get the job done.

Mazi George Onyeibe, in his address, also emphasized on the importance of monthly dues. He instructed that all must pay the sum of N500 naira as monthly dues. He instructed that every person who makes a payment, such should be issued a receipt and in absent of a receipt booklet, the finance officer is expected to properly document the details of the person and the documented details forwarded to the appropriate authorities, then a teller should be issued in return. The African Rep stated that members are allowed to pay upfront if they so wish and that leaders should lead by example in the payment of the monthly dues as it is the only sure way to guaranty incredible followership.

On the issue of Oath fright by prospective members, Mazi Onyeibe insisted that our rules are our rules and we will not bend them in order to accommodate anybody. He suggested that such a person or group of people should be enlightened on the importance of the oath and why it is necessary that they must swear by it. Mazi Onyeibe also suggested the creation of an Elders' forum in order to accommodate as well as calm disturbing grandpa's. Mazi George Onyeibe in his ice-cold calmness, took the team through his ordeals in the hands of the Department of States Security Services, DSSS. In his display of advance intellect and profound confidence was able to intelligently find his way through a maze of probing and implicative questions. The African Rep finished his presentation at about 03:15 GMT on Sunday 5th of August, 2017 and duly handed over the floor to Mazi Chukwuma Nwankwo.

Mazi Chukwuma Nwankwo presented to the general house what he described as an abridged version of our inaugural Leadership Manual. The manual is to be a compendium of all that is expected of a leader in IPOB. The manual is to be adopted as a guide for all coordinators within South Western Nigeria irrespective of the level of operation. The National Coordinator Western Nigeria Mazi Chukwuma Nwankwo in order to set the record straight stated in clear terms that "in no way should any percentage be deducted from the monthly dues paid by members of a unit as such payment will be backed by a receipt". To ensure accountability and proper balancing of accounts, he stated that all money should be paid in as collected. Reiterating on the earlier instruction of the Supreme leader, Mazi Chukwuma Nwankwo stated that units that are not wealthy enough to afford their monthly dues can solicit for help outside and a certain percentage from the solicited fund can be kept back by the unit for her day to day running. The rest of the solicited fund should be paid in to the appropriate account as monthly dues for the said unit.

The meeting was officially declared closed at 06:15 GMT. 

Edited By Somuadila Ugwummadu
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