Author:      Onwe Ozioma
Editor:        Lucky Chibundu

 Indeed, Britain Government derives great pleasure from the deaths of Biafrans. They have proven this over time through their hypocritical actions and inactions. Otherwise, they would have long ago unset this abominable entity and death trap they set up in Africa called "Nigeria". Surely, it must be all round celebration at 10, Downing Street, the British Government headquarter this morning.

Whilst in the Biafran land now, It is all tears and wailings, as the  Representatives (terrorists) of British and Nigerian Government attacked and murdered scores of early morning worshipers at St. Philip's Catholic Church, Ugwu Oye in Ozubulu, Anambra State. Reports have it that about 50 persons were feared dead while many were brutally wounded and are now battling for their lives at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching Hospital.
This is not the first time such an attack has taken place in an Eastern part of the British contraption called Nigeria. It is now done to all humanity that the deadliest terror group of the deadliest coalition(British  /Nigeria), Boko haram may have found its way to the region. 

Just for record's sake, this region has been clamouring for a sovereign state of Biafra, and since then, killings and maiming have become the order of the day in the Lord Lugard's   invention of destruction. The annihilation of Biafrans has been systemically on since 1946. We had attempted in the past to pull out of this mess but, the world was blindfolded by British Government, not to heed to our cry. However, Indigenous people of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi has clearly shown to the entire earth the true situation of things in this crime and their resolve to exit Nigeria is not in error. This means the "UN, EU AU, ECOWAS, and the USA"  are inexcusable and cannot be guiltless of the death of Biafrans.

It is, therefore, time  for these organizations whose primary role is to protect and secure the lives of every citizen of the world and by all means possible give the Biafran plight an urgent attention it deserves. The demand is very simple and by no means ambiguous to understand. It is "Give Us Referendum" to decide our future with Nigeria.

However, I congratulate the British Government as they celebrate this Sunday's blood bath from their sponsored Fulani militia group. Also, do not forget that what goes around comes around. Thank goodness, you have felt the heat a little. That is nothing but a tip of the ice berg. Karma has only just begun. Once again, Congrats.

For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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