Author:          Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
Editor:            Onyechere Ugochinyere

Biafrans Must "Boycott" Not Only the Zoo elections as directed by the Supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu But "Yoruba Churches and their Media" As well, because they are full of lies and deceit.

Regarding this, l will be forced to place a curse on those Biafrans who are so myopic and gullible minded, that they still wallow in their stupidity, patronizing Yoruba pastors, and their fake Churches, while our brothers are continually massacred every day in their homes, farm lands, and even at the place of worship by the same perpetrators of those heinous crimes against humanity.
The recent Ozubulu massacre by the zoo Boko Haram Fulani herdsmen terrorists who had unleashed mayhem upon the good people of BIAFRA on the early hours of the morning of 6th of August 2017 will give you the clue of what am talking about here.  I mean how the Yoruba media actually reported the unfortunate incident is indeed laughable. 

These zoo brown envelope gutter media had twisted the story in such a way that even the eye witnesses of that horrible incident no longer believed in what they saw.

One of our eagle eyed journalists had conducted a proper research on the report given by these zoo Yoruba gutter media on the case relating to the Ozubulu Fulani herdsmen inversion. 

Below are his findings and I quote:

“It's clear that Nigeria Media lacks investigative journalism. Now...see for yourself.

The Guardian reported: 47 killed

Vanguard: 35 killed

The Telegraph: 19 killed

Daily Sun: 11 killed

Sunrise: Over 100 killed.

Even FBI, CIA, combined together can't carry out an investigation in less than 2hrs but Nigerian police and Nigeria Media did. Now see the result.

# Hahahahaha

If the Media in Nigeria cannot give you a first class information, “biko” (please) how else do you get it?

# Contraption Indeed

No wonder Mazi Nnamdi Kanu calls them ZOO." 

Now, back to the Yoruba so called pastors, have they deemed it fit to address this pogrom carried out upon my people? The answer is no! They will never discuss it since it concerns Biafrans. However,  on  Sundays,  the unreasonable ones among us will still go to Yoruba Churches to worship and foolishly continue to sow seeds with their hard earned money thereby enriching the Yoruba pastors pockets. No wonder most of them now have private Jets, bullet proof cars and so on and so forth. “Ndi iberibe (Lunatics everywhere)!”

These Yoruba pastors have continued to apply the tool of deception to brain wash my people and get them to work against their own brothers in the name of performing miracles for them. And those miracle seekers once given these fake messages, that supposedly come from God as  they have been made to understand it, will stop at nothing but to carry out the instructions given to them by their so-called man of God, even if it means maiming any of their family members who stand in the to mar their plans. However, in the end, the problem will still not be solved and the outcome will be broken homes and marriages. Very sad indeed!

With all these lies and fake stories being peddled by the Yorubas both in their churches and in their Lagos /Ibadan express way gutter media press against the Biafrans, one doesn't need to be told how deeply those ungodly people abhor Biafrans.

If you are a BIAFRAN and you still attend Yoruba churches, “Chineke akpoo gi oku, kpoo ezi n' ulo gi oku there, Idiot!” (God will punish you and your entire family if your pastor is a Yoruba!)

Boycott their churches and the fake news coming from their media now, because "Yoruba Pastors (and Media) Are Worse than Boko Haram"- Nnamdi Kanu

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