Dangote: The face of a killer and conniving jihadist
By Ojukwu Henry
For Biafra Choice Writers

Over the course of time, dating as far back as 1945, numerous Nigerian state-sponsored acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity have been committed and are still being committed against Biafran people. During these times, the Fulani oligarchy and its Hausa slaves of northern Nigeria, have continued to perpetrate murder of varying degrees on the people of Biafra in different parts of the country but majorly in the northern part of Nigeria, and now in the Biafran territory.
The diverse strategies that have been used, and the primary goals are no longer hidden. It is either to forcibly Islamize Biafrans across Nigeria, or if the Islamization approach seems impossible, then to ensure their total extermination from the face of the earth through the jihadi movement; and then take over their land and inheritance.          
Typically, these orchestrated barbarisms against Biafrans in Nigeria have often being accomplished through the instrumentality of the murderous Nigerian security apparatus, as well as through the involvement of the Islamist fundamentalist Fulani Herdsmen and Boko-Haram terrorists. They have also even tried bribery by dolling out millions of Naira to Biafrans to convert to Islam.        
The word Jihad literally translates to "waging physical war against the infidels’" or against those who do not believe in the Islamic faith".     
Till date, Biafraland remains the only piece of territory untainted by Islam in the entire sub-Saharan African region and to Islamize the Biafraland has remained the ultimate and one of the most guarded top secret agendas of the Muhamedian emirate of the northern Islamic caliphate of Nigeria. Since the creation of the contraption called Nigerian, these aggressive Hausa-Fulani proselytizers had stopped at nothing in their effort to convert or exterminate Biafrans, both those in Biafra main land and those settled in Northern Nigeria to Islam, using political intimidation, economic blackmail and terrorism, with the hope to giving the Islamic religion a political control over the entire geographical space known as the zoological republic of Nigeria.    
These senseless killings and orgy of violence by the Nigerian government against Biafrans have witnessed an exponential increase since the beginning of the current wave of agitation for the restoration of the state of Biafra by the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
Apart from the official state supervised Genocide of 1967 - 1970 which saw the decimation of over 3 Million Biafran people by the vicious British-backed Nigerian government, there has been a subtle but sustained systematic killings targeted particularly on Biafran people throughout the Nigeria federation right from 1945 till date, in which a number of strategies have been employed by these Hausa-Fulani vampires who delight in seeing the blood of innocent Biafrans being unnecessarily spilled in the streets of Nigeria at all times in order to keep Nigeria one.            
The most recent of these strategies include, firstly; the arming with all manner of sophisticated assault rifles, including AK47, of the Fulani herdsmen Janjaweed by the federal government of Nigerian. These armed Fulani herdsmen are subsequently deployed across the countryside of the Biafran territory including, their farmlands and in the interior villages across Biafran hinterland, in order to slaughter Biafran citizens without provocations. It is important to note that the Fulani herdsmen were in 2015 proscribed as the second most deadly terrorist groups on earth by the Global Terrorism Index Report.   
This very strategy of arming and deploying the Fulani herdsmen/terrorists across Biafraland has in recent times witnessed on several occasions, a horrendous slaughtering with impunity of thousands of Biafrans in their farmlands and at their homes in their various villages. For instance, the Ukpabi Nimbo massacre in Uzo-uwani L.G.A, which claimed over 200 innocent lives, the massacre in Nkpor, which claimed over 150 innocent lives, the Agatu massacre in Agatu L.G.A, which claimed more than 500 lives, to mention but a few in the list. These armed evil creature known as the herdsmen are often given state protection and are immune from any form of arrests by the Nigerian federal government no matter the magnitude of the killing or rape committed. 
The second form of the jihadi strategy which the Nigerian state and their cohort have often used in killing Biafrans is the infamous “trailer attack”. This strategy include the deliberate ramming with trailers into crowds of multitude of people along highways in Biafraland by the Hausa-Fulani jihadist cum trailers drivers, who are specially prepared for this nefarious undertaking, and who almost all the times, use trailers belonging to Aliko Dangote to accomplish this heinous mission on the Biafran populace. This particular strategy is gradually becoming fashionable in recent times.     
One thing that makes this very style of terrorist attack quite interesting is the urgency with which the Nigerian army always come to the rescue of these Jihadist drivers whenever they successfully carried out this type of terror attack on Biafrans in Biafraland, which often results in the sudden death of scores of unsuspecting Biafran citizens. Interestingly, however, the Nigerian security apparatus are always handy to offer on-demand protection to these terrorist attackers, from incurring the wrath of the people at the scene of such incidents. Of course, this cannot be mere coincidence.
Recall that this chief monopolist and the so called Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, has no single meaningful investment anywhere in the entire Biafran territory (apart from a few storage facilities), meaning that his riches has no economic significance on the life of an average Biafran citizen. Rather, however, the only handout that the arch monopolist has found desirable for the Biafran people is to willfully offer his fleet of trailers for the purpose unleashing mayhem, and coupled with his recently found penchant for sponsoring the acts of terrorism in Biafraland.   
As if the two aforementioned strategies that the Nigerian state, through their twin killer agents of the Nigerian security forces and the Boko-Haram/Fulani herdsmen terrorists, have constantly employed in unleashing terror on the people of Biafra are not enough, the horrific event of the August 6, 2017, which took place in Ozubulu in Anambra state that saw the slaughtering of dozens of worships at St. Philip’s Catholic Church by unknown masked gunmen, has signaled the coming of yet another brand of terrorism into Biafran territory. This is unprecedented in history that Biafraland had witnessed her first ever terror attack on a place of worship.
Although, without any investigations, the Anambra state governor Willy Obiano had, barely three hours after the killings, told the public that the barbaric attack was carried out by those involved in a drug feud which originated in South Africa.
The IPOB wish to bring to the attention of the world that the massacre in Ozubulu has nothing to do with drug war contrary to the falsified statement issued by Willy Obiano in conjunction with his accomplice, the state commissioner of police, who incidentally is a Fulani man.
According to the intelligence information made available to the Biafran Mediaroom, Obiano and his criminal collaborators knew exactly what transpired in Ozubulu but fearing that his re-election ambition might be put in jeopardy should he come clean to the public on what actually happened, Obiano decided to lie on the matter.
The premature statement issued by Willy Obiona to this effect was an already prepared script presented by him in his desperate attempt to mislead the public to believe that the attack was a result of a feud between drug cartels as opposed to a terror attack which it actually was.  
The killing in Ozubulu has all the known attributes and characteristics of a terrorist attack. This was confirmed by the top secret Intel in the possession of the Family writers, which among others, also  fingered Aliko Dangote as having a hand in the terror attack on the innocent worshippers in Ozubulu confirming his active connivance with the ongoing Jihad Biafraland by his kinsmen the terrorists from the North.      
According to the Intel, the attack in Ozubulu was organized by Hausa-Fulani to avenge the destruction of Dangote’s storage facility in Onitcha, which took place on July 30, 2017, when the activities of some men of the Nigerian police who were extorting money from motorists along the Onitcha-Oweeri highway, opposite the Dangote’s facility, led to the fatal accident that killed a pregnant woman, her two children and two other passerby at the checkpoint.  Meanwhile, the police officer who was responsible for this fatal accident ran into the Dangote’s facility to take refuge, and in the process of trying to fish him out, the facility was destroyed by the irate mobs.
The intelligence report also reveals the attackers at Ozubulu Church were drafted from one of the organized terrorist camps, the Islamic center situated in Ebonyi state. These same perpetrators are also said to be planning to continue on a shooting spree in many other locations across Biafraland, including but not limited to Ogbete main market in Enugwu, Aba main market, Owerri, to mention but few.
Another disturbing piece of information contained in this intelligence gathering is about the series of secret meetings recently being held by Willy Obiano, Obi of Onitcha Achebe and their Hausa-Fulani slave masters from the north, with active compliance from Oha-na-Eze Ndi-Igbo, politicians and some local chiefs from Biafraland, in which they have been plotting for a possible re-arrest of our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu following the election boycott campaign of Anambra state and the entire Biafraland, by IPOB, which these men of no pedigree had perceived as a grave threat to their devilish political manipulation of our people. Willy Obiano and his men are also requesting the Nigeria government to send more Hausa-Fulani military to Biafraland to continue to intimidate our people into submission, the Intel reveals.
These are more the reason why we the IPOB have said that there will never be any more Nigerian election anywhere in Biafraland henceforth, since death and destruction are the rewards that we usually get each time after giving our mandate to these criminals who called themselves the politicians from Biafraland. –
By all of these intelligence gathering and other compelling evidences at the disposal of the IPOB intelligence unit, IPOB authoritatively asserts that the Ozubulu massacre was a clear case of terrorism carried out by the Hausa-Fulani Boko Haram sent from the Islamic center in Ebonyi state. The public are advised to disregard any news that reports otherwise. On the other hand, the world must be put on notice on what is beginning to happen in Biafraland.  ---
Based on the above intelligence reports, IPOB are asking our people to remain ever vigilant and to be security conscious at all times against what is at stake. Our people must be aware that there is no govt. security in place in Biafraland to protect them in the face of the impending terror, therefore everyone must be on the lookout and be security officer for one another.
  Adequate security measure must be implemented at all public spaces like schools, Churches and market places to monitor and detect all forms of security threats in those areas on a timely fashion. We are already at war and must see Biafraland as war zone and behave like soldiers in war front.

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