Anybody who is talking about election in Biafra land is trying to attract the wrath of angry Biafrans. This is because Nigeria politicians of South east and South south are already packing their bags ready to go into exile.  There is no other political move anywhere in Birafra land today that would be supported by the people except the Biafran referendum.  Boycotting election does not incite violence; it is only a peaceful way of rejecting the evils of the existing government.  It is not just about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, it is about the will and yearnings of all Biafrans which must be respected.

When the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu declared that there will not be any election again in Biafra land, those empty Nigerian political jobbers thought that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was going to move straight to INEC office to lock it up, stop INEC staff and destroy all the materials. The Police in their usual manner began to issue warning and great fear fell on all the
Politicians who have totally ran out of ideas.  They never knew that the Biafra restoration is a moving train that has all Biafrans on board.  One instruction from the leader is enough to boycott all the elections.  This is where the power of the electorate is being tested and with great shame the Nigerian government is aware that on their election day nobody would be found in the streets.

Nigeria as a country has existed since 1914 owing to the forceful amalgamation of the country by Sir Frederick Lord Lugard. Shortly after gaining independence in 1960, the military took over power in military and counter military coup after the ceremonial leadership of Nnamdi Azikiwe.  Seeing the level of hatred, intolerance and continues massacre of Biafrans by the Hausa Fulani Nigeria, the continues subjugation of Biafrans, coupled with the abandonment of the Abury accord, Left. General Odumegwu Ojukwu declared Biafra an independent republic which was resisted by the British and their co allies, joining force with the rest of Nigeria, to fight Biafra.  Since then, Biafra has been the spirit that lives inside us.  We were subdued only for a moment but the rising of the Indigenous People of Biafra through the supreme leadership of Mazi Nnmdi Kanu, the force of freedom and the liberation of great Biafra has swallowed up the deceitful subjugation of the British enslaved Nigeria. The giant in us has begun to rise again and today, it can be said that BIAFRA HAS RISEN, NEVER

Civil disobedience is our right, we have the right to vote and to be voted for and it is not by force.  We the People of Biafra have rightly decided to take our destiny into our own hands by deciding not to vote at all in any election organized by Nigeria in Biafra land. The giant in us is being raised and we are making it clear to our oppressors that nobody will ever ride on our fundamental human rights again. It is either Biafran referendum or no election at all in Biafra land. So going to poll to vote again in Nigerian manipulated election, is a waste of time and our continual slavery.

For those gullible Hausa Fulani political slaves in Igbo land who think we should produce a Biafran candidate to carry our flag, you are not acquainted with Nigerian history.  Late Biafran Hero in the person of Odumegwu Ojukwu tried it and what did he get?  The election was rigged.  At the state level, was APGA not our party, what happened to it? We voted Ngige inn, and as soon as he went to Abuja, he began to dance to the tune of his Abuja masters and he killed over 2,000 Biafrans to satisfy his paymasters because, he that pays the piper decides its tune.  The same thing is also applicable to the present governor Willie Obiano, who did not only join forces with the Hausa Fulani tyrants to kill Biafrans, he made sure their dead bodies were disposed in unknown places and he has the guts to claim that nobody was killed in his state.

There is no going back, voting is not by force, civil disobedience is our right to demonstrate our disapproval to the blood thirsty, murderous and tyrant government of today. Civil disobedience does not mean war and Biafra referendum remain the only remedy to the juxtaposing government of the day.

- Helen Daberechi Abel
  Abia Media Team
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